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You know, you're right...

Author: styx ()
Date: 2000-04-11 00:00:00

As I told Tridus, I HATE using my abilities for such destruction, simply hate it. I use them to only explore, and find things, I don't usually destroy anything.

But seeing this enraged me. Hope you don't think less of me..


On 4/11/00 at 19:48 SoulTaker wrote:
>>Well isn't sub7 a bit less damaging if I do it the real way? I mean, it's easy to do, it's a lot more damaging, and he cant delete anything like a file to stop me.

>Um, I don't even know what a sub7 server file is =)

>>In a case, I do see how you feel about the subject, and I see you do not condone it, but what choice have we, if we let people like him get away with such a blasphemous crime?
>>If it were not so bad, and against a girl that wasn't so young, I may not have taken action. But A little girl.. that is just way far from my boundries of ethics.
>>Which would you have me do?
>>or Brute force?

>Well, I agree with you that such a crime should not go unpunished. Someone doing things like him is not thinking like the rest of us. I doubt that he will ever stop thinking like he's thinking now.

>Yet, punishment is here for a purpose, not just for the sake of punishment. And sending sub7 files as a punishment is not very constructive, since I don't think it's likely to make him stop his madness.
>Brute force may stop him temporarily, but the right thing would be to have this guy locked away from society.

>Still, I do see your point. This guy probably won't be locked up. We need to show this guy that his crimes does not go unnoticed, and they will not be tolerated. He does need punishment. It's just sad that we have to use these methods to punish him.


"Look not at the man, but the beast within. For it is human nature to be oblivious"


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