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The Searcher and the continuation of the current storyverse...

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-04-11 00:00:00

rRaminrodt was kind enough to reveal some information on the The Searchers past (future), but it's still very much shrouded in secrecy. So I thought I'd just try to sum things up:

The Searcher, as far as I've understood, was originally intended as a 'future Tridus', who travelled back in time to prevent an enormeous disaster, known as the Arc. A master of the Twisting Nether (I still don't know what it is :P), he posseses impressive magical powers, and is not afraid of using them.

What happened with this 'future Tridus' in the future is still somewhat unclear. rRaminrodt is apparently The Searchers arch nemesis, which is why The Searcher only refers to him as 'fiend'.

This would all be fine and dandy, and make a decent amount of sense, if I didn't screw it up. In a twist of fate, I wrote a story where I changed The Searcher from 'future Tridus' to a Zerg/Protoss hybrid.

Some may say that is cool and all, but now The Searchers past (actually future, but I'm getting tired of mentioning this, so from now on, I'll just be the past :P) doesn't make much sense. How could he have been portrayed as 'future Tridus' if he is actually a Zerg/Protoss hybrid?

We need to somehow explain how, and why, the The Searcher is a Zerg/Protoss hybrid and Tridus.

Luckily, there are several ways to do this. Since The Searcher had 2 souls when he arrived in our universe (as described by rRaminrodt), the origin of his alternate personality, the Zerg/Protoss hybrid, could be attributed to some weird incident in the future where someone transferred another soul into him, but he wasn't able to 'switch' his personality to use the Zerg/Protoss soul. So he had another (unused) soul in him, which he would like to be able to take advantage of - and them demanded that SoulTaker took the soul, so that he could use the Zerg/Protoss soul.

Umm... Comments?


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