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BTW, the real reason why there was no preview show yesterday is that Sid is too busy playing D2 =)

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-04-11 00:00:00

On 4/11/00 at 14:34 Tridus wrote:
>(sorry, I couldn't resist the title :) )

>*Not knowing what else to do, the fans are milling about looking bored. The only topics of conversation are about if sex is overrated or not (the guy who said that is getting beaten up by about six other people), how many times to hit someone over the head with a hockey stick if they pick BGH, and why there was no preview show yesterday as there should have been.*

>Random Forumer 1 - No, I tell you its all the nWd's fault!

>Random Fourmer 2 (wearing a "Flutie is God" t-shirt) - Shut yo fat ass up!

>RF 1 - No! Listen, if they wouldn't have been out here disrupting things last week!

>*RF 2 punches RF 1 in the gut*

>RF 2 - I said shut up! I bet its all the fault of that little punk ass kid who cheap shotted Hank last week!

>RF 3 (holding a sign that reads "M&M rules!") - Cheap shot!? Why you piece of monkey crap! *Kicks RF 2 in the leg*

>RF 2 - Oow! damn you! *takes a swing at RF 3, who ducks. RF 2 actually hits RF 4, who is eating a death match power bar*

>RF 4 - Hey screw you! *takes a shot at RF 2*

>** a brawl quickly ensues as other people pile into the melee while others form a circle around it cheering on the combatants **

>* During the brawl, the ever familiar Y2T countdown clock appears on the new Death-Match-o-Vision and counts down*


>*The lights go out, and after a second fireworks shoot off and Enter Sandman starts cranking through the PA system. Tridus can be seen standing in the entranceway facing away from the arena with his arms out, a mic in one hand, and a long staff like object with a in the other. Hearing the cheers he believes are for him, Tridus turns around and walks down the ramp a few steps, and then notices that everybody is watching the brawl and that nobody has noticed him yet.*

>Y2T - *taps his foot impatiently for a few seconds after the music cuts off* umm, hello?

>*A few fans look over and happen to notice him, and they start cheering. Before long the rest of the arena picks it up, and even the brawl stops eveuntally. A small but vocal group decked out in nWd garb is letting out a chorus of boos, but they get drowned out by the rest of the crowd*

>Y2T - Thats better! Now then... *looks at the former brawlers* If you can keep from killing each other long enough, I'd like to welcome you all to the most glamorous awards show in Forum Entertainment History, the first ever golden Tridus awards!

>*The fans cheer,but look kind of confused by the unexpectedness of the whole thing*

>*Tridus walks back up the ramp and out the door for a moment, then comes back with a black silk bag. Walking halfway down the ramp, he stops and looks around*

>Y2T - now... we had several categories lined up for these awards, however because I have a hair appointment in twenty minutes, I narrowed it down to the top three categories... our first category being The top newcomer of 2000! And the nominees are... *turns to the monitor*

>HELL TROOPER! *The monitor lights up with a replay of Hell Trooper putting his finisher on Xel~Naga last friday*

>*The fans give a mild response*

>MIKEQUAKE! *The monitor now shows a picture of Mikequake walking away after his match with Crazieman looking less then sane*

>*the fans give a mild response*

>And of course... none other then the one you witnessed out here last week kicking ass, the one, the only... MYSTERYMAN! *The monitor now shows some of M&M's acrobatics against Hank*

>*The fans cheer wildly*

>*Tridus smiles*

>Y2T - Your a smart group. *turns back to the arena* And the winner is, MysteryMan!

>*MM comes out of the entrance as "Learning to Fly" by the Foo Fighters plays for him and the crowd cheers. He walks down to where Tridus is standing and they shake hands. Tridus takes out about a foot tall gold statue which looks strangely similar to himself and hands it to MysteryMan, who beams and reaches for the mic.*

>Y2T - Sorry M&M, we don't have time for you to say anything right now, I'm on a tight schedule... next time.

>MM - But I have a whole speech prepared!

>Y2T - *groan* then its a good thing we don't have time for it... *the fans laugh* I'll tell ya what, you can stay out here, but you can't give your speech until after I finish up here, I have that appointment to get to after all.

>*MM looks annoyed*

>Y2T - Alrght... our second award is in the announcer category... and the nominees are...

>Master Sidious!

>*The crowd cheers this*

>Big Sexy Stefan!

>*The ladies really cheer this*

>And finally... *shakes his head* Announcer Dude.

>*The crowd breaks out in cheers* "Dude! Dude! Dude! Dude!"

>Y2T - Yes, yes... And the winner is... *waits as though he doesn't know*

>*The monitor shows a picture of Announcer Dude on it*

>Y2T - Announcer dude?? Who picked this anyway!?

>*The crowd goes nuts with its Dude! chant*

>MM - Umm, I did.

>Y2T - Oh... well that explains it.

>*Announcer dude runs down the ramp to the cheers and picks up his trophy, then waves to the fans a bit and runs back up the ramp*

>*Tridus just shakes his head*

>Y2T - well, we have one award left, the most important one of all... but first, lets do a little poll... *Walks down to the front row* You... who do you think is going to win this award?

>*A fourteen year old looks up at Y2T* You!

>*Tridus smiles* Well thats very kind of you, but no... no, I found someone much more worthy of this award then little old me... in fact, several people, we have a tie for the winner of this award... some very deserving people.

>*Tridus walks down the front row a bit to the nWd cheering section* You... who do you think it is?

>nWd fan - Its gotta be SM_007! He's the one who makes this show interesting!

>nWd fan 2 - no way, its Flutie! Flutie I tell you!

>nWd fan 3 - what? Peak! Peak! Peak!

>nWd fan 4 - you guys are all idiots, its definately Styx! That finisher rules!

>*they start getting into an argument before Tridus interrupts them*

>Y2T - now now now... there's no need for fighting. Your right.

>*they turn and look athim*

>nWd fan 1 - We are? Who is?

>Y2T - You all are.

>nWd fan 2 - how can we all be right, wtf?

>*Tridus walks back up to his old position*

>Y2T - Indeed... they are all very deserving of this award... Tridaholics, I'd like to announce to you the winners of the final and most prestigous award of the evening... SM_007, Flutie, Peak Man, and Styx!

>MM - umm Tri... what award is it?

>*Most of the audience is wondering the same thing*

>Y2T - oh yes.. how forgetful of me. Let me try that again... I'd like to announce the winners of the last and most prestigious award... yes, the winners of the "Most closely resembling a pile of dog crap" award: SM_007, Flutie, Peak Man, and Styx!

>*The crowd bursts into laughter and cheers except for the nWd cheering section, which boos like crazy. Tridus smiles as his music kicks back in, tosses the mic to Mysteryman, and starts heading up the ramp to his all important hair appointment.*

>If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you... - Martina McBride


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