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*Sitting in the Ovalish Office*

Author: Anonymous (Uncle rRamin)
Date: 2000-03-02 00:00:00

The soon to be lame duck president Uncle rRaminrodt sits behind his presidential desk. An aide walks up to him and hands him a sheet of paper.

Aide: "This is the list of the canidates, accurate as of... *looks at his watch* five miniutes ago."

Uncle rR: "Canidates?"

Aide: "For the election sir. We have to choose a canidate for you to lend your support to."

Uncle rR: "Ahh. Um, why don't I just pick the guy from my party."

Aide: "Umm. You made up your own party remember..."

Uncle rR: "Oh?"

Aide: "The Amazing Federalist Party."

Uncle rR: "Oh! Yes, that was fun. *straightens up*. Now, let me see that list."

Uncle rRamin picks up the list and starts reading.

Uncle rR: "Ugh. Pretty pathetic bunch, huh. *turns the list into a paper airplane*. I think I'll have them try and convince my to give my support. How does that sound."

Aide: "Fine sir. I'll contact the canidates and make them aware of your decision."

Uncle rR: "I'm soooooo powerful. I love this job, *realises he'll lose it soon* awwww!"

Aide leaves the room and Uncle rRamin starts readin his Starcraft instruction manual again...

*Sitting in the Ovalish Office* - Anonymous - 2000-03-02 00:00:00