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hmm... ok here's what has changed so far..

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-04-10 00:00:00

Most of debtangels suggestions (underlining, valign, etc.. none of the big ones yet, although I will do the post button eveuntally).

If you get logged out while making a post, you now get redirected to a page which tells you that *and* prints the body of the message off so you don't loose it. It also has a handy logon button on it so you can log back in to do the post. :)

Now... exactly what should I do to this posting page to make it happy?

Update: Ok, I changed it so that if your on message.asp, a reply button also appears in the button bar. Now, is this good, or should I remove the post button entirely from the bar when your on that page? (right now, both will appear, as you can see)

Another Update: I tried something else now. Let me know what you think of that. (Debt: I don't think I'm going to change the post type setup now, I really like it going down instead of sideways)

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