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My friends this candidate is also trying to blind you with false promises, do not be led astray.

Author: Sid6.9 ()
Date: 2000-03-02 00:00:00

On 3/1/00 at 23:10 MysteryMan wrote:
>"My fellow forumers, I fear that you are all confused. It's all too obvious Tridus or another popular person will win. After all, they're known, right? People think they do everything to make this forum a better place...."

Sid6.9- You see my friends, this candidate is unsure of himself. Do you want a president that is unsure of himself? One that feels that only known people are what counts? I, Sid6.9, promise to stand up and protect everyones civil liberties, from those that are popular, and those that feel they are not. For every forumer here is indeed important. From the person who posts 100 times, to the person who only posts once. We are all important here. You do not want a leader that has no self-confidence. So a vote for MysteryMan means a vote for low self esteem. A vote for Sid6.9 means a vote for a leader that will work with everyone, and not be afraid to raise everyone up, even this candidate, I shall lift this person up as well. For he is a forumer here, and is just as important.

>"Hm...let me put it like this, for you StarCraft-Freaks" **People cheer** "Pretend you are a civlian. Suddenly, a medic, Tridus for example, has come towards you and blinded you, making you only be able to see so far."

Sid6.9- My friends, do you want a leader who calls you "Freaks"? Don't you want a leader that will call you by your respected name? Or for my Anon friends, call you by your Anon? A vote for Sid6.9 means a vote for treating you with the correct name.

>"When you are blinded, all you can see is this...it's just impossible for you to see past that."

Sid6.9- Do not be fooled my friends, you are not blind, and this candidate is trying to trick you into beleiving that you are, and that he only holds the cure for it. I can assure you my friends, that a vote for Sid6.9, means a vote for the blinders being lifted. No more shall you be tricked by other candidates to beleive you are blind.

>"I, however, have avoided the dreaded blindness. Hm...here's another StarCraft-thingie"**People cheer again**Pretend, I too, am a medic.

Sid6.9- Do you want a candidate that says "Thingie"? A vote for Sid6.9 means a vote for non-"Thingies".

>**Crowd screams** "No, a medic...who has the ability to heal others." **Crowd cheers** "You can see past them, to who would be the real leader...me."

Sid6.9- Do not be lead astray my friends, he is the one that blinded you. Then healed you, and made you beleive Tridus did it. Tridus is a tyrant, but he does not blind. This candidate is the blind one. A vote for Sid6.9 means a vote for vision, vision for a better tomorrow.

>"You all may think, well, Tridus is a nice guy...come on, everyone. He's practically already the President...and nothing can change that"

Sid6.9- My friends, I beleive this candidate may be a Tridus sympathizer. Do not fall for his trap, he is a sleeper agent, bent on giving the presdiency to Tridus if he is elected. You do not want a candidate that is going to hoodwink you, do you? A vote for Sid6.9, means a vote for Sid6.9 where he will work hard for you and with you.

>"It would be unfair, wrong if you will, to vote for someone already staff. They are a higher rank then President. Why...should they lead something they already are?"

Sid6.9- This candidate has lost his way my friends, he is leading you from the issues. The issues that a vote for Sid6.9 will solve. So please on the vote day, vote Sid6.9.

>"That's why you should vote for me...MysteryMan...and if you don't, I'LL RUIN YOUR MISERABLE LIVES!"

Sid6.9- You see my friends, he threatens you. Just like the candidate Edge, he too wants to harm, and not help you. Do not listen my friends, you do not have to put up with these threats. And with a vote for Sid6.9, means a vote for a man of the people, working WITH the people, FOR the people of Sigma Forum.

>**Lawyer whispers in MysteryMan's ear.**

>"Um...just showing you I'm humorous...that's right, laugh...**The crowd laughs nervously**

>"Besides, everyone, who actually keeps up with the political-mumbo-jumbo? My thoughts will be crystal clear..."

Sid6.9 You see my friends, this candidate is not serious in handling issues here. He is clearly doing this for ulterior motives. Motives to harm you all, not help. A vote for Sid6.9 means a vote for motivating the Sigma Forum to create a brighter tomorrow, and a free forum. A forum of FREEDOM!

Paid for by the Anon party for Sid6.9, the man of tomorrow, working with you to bring a happier forum, of equality and justice.

>"Vote for MysteryMan!"



>"The Phoenix can be reborn, but it is never the same"

Sid6.9- "If weird was a person, he'd be me!" :-)

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