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I've never, ever experienced snow.

Author: Anonymous (El cazador)
Date: 2000-04-09 00:00:00

While you guys go around making snowmen, I'm doing sandcastles. While you're wearing coats over coats over coats over pullovers, I'm wearing shorts and no underwear, and am STILL sweating half my body's water supply. While you have to look for your gloves three months a year, I look for my umbrella 9 months a year (sunny season only lasts three months) and while you're not so happy at walking under the cold, I'm not so happy walking under the scorching, skin-peeling, blob making sun sometimes!

Snow. It truly must be an experience. One I'd like to find out what it's about, and then go back to my sunny (or rainy) shores as soon as possible. I've seen, read and heard about all of this snowy activities you can do, from the usual skiing and ice skating, snow men or snow angel making, to snowboarding, sledding, snowcraft and such, but I've actually never lived them.

I probably will sometime in the future, though I don't react very well to cold and snowy skies. My teeth start getting jittery, I easily catch the flu, I can't sleep in beds that are so cold I wake up everytime I shift position, and to take a shower without a water heater would be the closest thing to torture for me. (And these experiences I'm talking about are from three trips I've done to Costa Rica, wich doesn't even get snow).

I'm assuming there are a lot of things that suck about snowing like shoveling, scraping your car and such, but there are so many "cool" ones too, like the ones mentioned before, or in real bad cases, like missing class. (I never ever missed class due to rain. Nothing an umbrella can't take care of.)

Ah well, someday I'll enjoy the expierence, and while you're at it, you should enjoy it too. :)

By the way, it doesn't snow in Norfolk, Virginia, right? That sounds like a "south" state for me, and I'll be visiting it next year. Who knows, maybe I can take a detour later after that.

El cazador
The ICQless Riptide Staff member and rare poster who lives in the 29.8 °C (at night!) country and has to shower three times a day.

On 4/9/00 at 17:27 Psycho Sam! wrote:
>I can't believe this... Throughout the ENTIRE winter it snowed maybe 5 times, but now that it's spring, it won't stop snowing!!!
I hate shoveling snow. It's so tedious, and cold. I can't find my gloves. My hands are numb.
Anyhoo, enough complaning about it for now, I'm just glad that I'm finished my walkway and parking spot...

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