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Re:Teheehee... You're funny...

Author: BandWidth ()
Date: 2000-04-09 00:00:00

On 4/9/00 at 15:59 Psycho Sam! wrote:
>You think you can waltz in here and just run for president like that?

-Yes, that's exactly how the system works. I was here what, a week before I ran?

>Do you really think the forumers are that ignorant?

-They voted for me, didn't they?

You have Tridus working for you... great! How well did he do in the first election? As I recall, he lost due to his "creative campaigning strategies".

-I haven't seen you winning much either.

He's going to ruin you, and then who will the forum be left to vote for? How about the person they were most likely to vote for anyway: ME!

-There's always kwerkey. Vote kwerkey.

>"Ask not who will vote for you, ask what you can do to receive those votes!" That's my motto!

>Plus, I have the cooperation of my entire websites staff, and you can't stop them!

>In conclusion, vote for Sam! and I'll dedicate an entire section of my website to those who've helped me to acheive victory!

>I am Sam!
>SUPER Psycho Sam!
>Do you like fried eggs and spam???


President and Beloved Leader

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