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Jealousy and paranoia do not count as facts.

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-04-09 00:00:00

I am going to make this post short and to-the-point, to save you and our readers some time.

Azriel is a true veteran who served our Country as a member of the Millitary in the War of Ronald McDonald. Psycho Sam is a mere student! Can you even compare the experience factor? I thought not! Azriel is infintately more qualified, even if he has only been here a short time. This forum is a better place because of his mere presence! He will gain the experience he needs over the month of April and be ready to assume the Presidency in May, should the worthy forumers here deem him worthy.

The "War of Ronald McDonald" was a war you have fabricated.

It is impossible to be "inifitely" more qualified.

It is yet to be proven that the forum is a better place thanks to Azriel's presense.

Unlike you and your campaign, we don't presume to take away their right to elect who they believe is the best candidate!

How was I doing this? And isn't favouratism a way of taking away fair competition?

Also remember that Azriel has the most experienced person in this forum as his advisor, namely myself. The Azriel/Tridus team combined still has well over twice the posts of the Psycho Sam/SM_007 conspiracy. I dare say that you are the ones lacking in experience. Compared to our highly skilled team, you are nothing but newbies. We have more posts, more time, more service (who built this entire place?), more life experience, more everything!

We are not a team. We do not need to be a team. Psycho Sam! does not need my help.

I am merely stating my opinions like a free-thinking citizen should.

Psycho Sam! has already made several posts and replies concerning his campaign.

Oh, and saying you have "more everything" sounds childish to me. It is impossible to have "more everything."

AND...I have yet to be convinced that Azriel has more experience in this forum, or in this community, than Psycho Sam!, which is what counts in the end.

Tridus, your experience should be irrelevent, unless Azriel is merely a figurehead for your true ambitions.

Resoring to petty name calling now are we? This is the sure sign of someone who doesn't really care about the political process, resorting to silly name calling and negative campaigns. Focus on the positive like we do, for a better tomorrow!

Petty name-calling? I simply stated that the post would be short.

I did not call Azriel any "names."

Lies... Flat out and total lies. In fact, Azriel *has* paid to have the exclusive advertisement done. I say you should present your proof that he has not paid, or be silent. I can present the invoice if need be.

Present the invoice, then. I challenge you to do that much.

In fact, this entire paragraph is slanderous in nature! Be warned, I will not tolerate the name of a great man like Azriel being slandered in such a horrific fashion!

What I have done is make a serious accusation, but I will not back off. My accusations are based on fact.

The truth is becoming more and more appearant with your posts. Defend yourself with fact, not threats.

Everything except put his money where is mouth is. I say, where is the committment of someone not willing to put his money up as well? I don't believe he truly believes in Riptide, which is why he created his own website. Its to say "Ha! I'm better then you!". Azriel on the other hand will work hard to improve Riptide itself, not to get everyone away to go to his own website. Azriel will not try to destroy Riptide like that, as Psycho Sam will.

I expected more from you than to see you become paranoid and jealous over Psycho Sam!'s website.

And as President, Psycho Sam! would help Riptide, something that he has wished to do all along.

The only person preventing this is you, since you are attempting to give Azriel ever advantage possible.

We don't need to steal the Presidency. The rest of the forumers willing, we will win it legitimately by showing them the truely great man that Azriel is. This is merely another example, he is willing to take time out of his busy day to show them what he knows about the art of petty theft. Indeed, has Psycho Sam made the same donation of his time? No! In fact, he has been creating his own website to lure people away from Riptide!

You consider a thief to be a great man? You consider a man who would sell his soul to be a great man?

At least now we are putting this into perspective.

And again, feeling threatened that Psycho Sam! is "luring away" the Riptide community is plain sad.

Do you want a candidate who gives his time freely to the Riptide community, or uses it to try and destroy the community!?

Give me an example of undenyable proof that Psycho Sam! has tried to "destroy" the Riptide community.

He has a campaign of trying to destroy Riptide, of slandering his candidates with no proof, of trying to hijack the very political system! Can you trust Psycho Sam?

You accuse someone of slander and then attempt to post slander against that person yourself?

I once again invite you to provide "proof" that Psycho Sam! is destroying the community.

And again, I also need proof that Ariel had to bribe you (which is still a crime) for his ad space.

Either way, Tridus, you are guilty. And you are supporting an inexperience thief. I have proven this.

You have admitted to all of this.

There, you see! You say you will win as though the public has no say! I say you should respect the power of the community to pick their leader, and not tell them who they are going to vote for! This just shows the trule malice and arrogance of the psycho Sam campaign!

Malice? I do not hate the community. I am the community.

Psycho Sam! does not hate the Riptide Gaming community.

I merely have faith that my friends and allies will vote for someone with dedication.

Someone who opts not to buy his way to the top of Riptide.

Remember... Azriel for President! If you were running for President, he'd vote for you!

How is what you say possible when multiple community members would be running at once?

Who would Azriel vote for then?

We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

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