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Your lies, misinformation, propagana, and fear tactics will not save you. The truth will come out!

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-04-09 00:00:00

On 4/9/00 at 14:41 SM_007 wrote:
>So, you admit that Azriel is a newbie, eh? It is true, though: Azriel is a newbie. He is a newbie with little to know experience in the elections or Riptide's affairs. Psycho Sam!, on the other hand, is a veteran. He has been around the Blizzard Entertainment community since 1997. He has been a member of SideWinder. And now he is in the Riptide forum, hoping to become President so he can continue to help this community in any and every way possible. Dare I say that Azriel is not suitable competition?

Azriel is a true veteran who served our Country as a member of the Millitary in the War of Ronald McDonald. Psycho Sam is a mere student! Can you even compare the experience factor? I thought not! Azriel is infintately more qualified, even if he has only been here a short time. This forum is a better place because of his mere presence! He will gain the experience he needs over the month of April and be ready to assume the Presidency in May, should the worthy forumers here deem him worthy.

Unlike you and your campaign, we don't presume to take away their right to elect who they believe is the best candidate!

Also remember that Azriel has the most experienced person in this forum as his advisor, namely myself. The Azriel/Tridus team combined still has well over twice the posts of the Psycho Sam/SM_007 conspiracy. I dare say that you are the ones lacking in experience. Compared to our highly skilled team, you are nothing but newbies. We have more posts, more time, more service (who built this entire place?), more life experience, more everything!

>Luckily, this shall be a short post, then.

Resoring to petty name calling now are we? This is the sure sign of someone who doesn't really care about the political process, resorting to silly name calling and negative campaigns. Focus on the positive like we do, for a better tomorrow!


>So remember all these things and vote Azriel! After all, not voting for Azriel would just be silly.

>I suppose a little comedy never hurt anyone. But now that I am done laughing, I must give one final thought concerning Psycho Sam!, Azriel, Tridus, and the state of the campaigns in general: Tridus should find a new member of the community to stand behind during his or her run for President, and once he has someone legitamite to manage, he should return in next month's elections. As it is, Psycho Sam! has been proven to not only have loyalty and support to and from this community, but he also has experience, intelligence, and downright hilarity. I believe we all know who the best choice for President is.

He has a campaign of trying to destroy Riptide, of slandering his candidates with no proof, of trying to hijack the very political system! Can you trust Psycho Sam?

>The home of the next President of Riptide Gaming: Psycho Sam!'s Den of Insanity 2000

There, you see! You say you will win as though the public has no say! I say you should respect the power of the community to pick their leader, and not tell them who they are going to vote for! This just shows the trule malice and arrogance of the psycho Sam campaign!

Remember... Azriel for President! If you were running for President, he'd vote for you!

If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you... - Martina McBride

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