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"My Fellow Forumers..."

Author: Reed ()
Date: 2000-03-01 00:00:00

"My fellow forumers, I fear that you are all confused. It's all too obvious Tridus or another popular person will win. After all, they're known, right? People think they do everything to make this forum a better place...."

"Hm...let me put it like this, for you StarCraft-Freaks" **People cheer** "Pretend you are a civlian. Suddenly, a medic, Tridus for example, has come towards you and blinded you, making you only be able to see so far."

"When you are blinded, all you can see is this...it's just impossible for you to see past that."

"I, however, have avoided the dreaded blindness. Hm...here's another StarCraft-thingie"**People cheer again**Pretend, I too, am a medic.

**Crowd screams** "No, a medic...who has the ability to heal others." **Crowd cheers** "You can see past them, to who would be the real leader...me."

"You all may think, well, Tridus is a nice guy...come on, everyone. He's practically already the President...and nothing can change that"

"It would be unfair, wrong if you will, to vote for someone already staff. They are a higher rank then President. Why...should they lead something they already are?"

"That's why you should vote for me...MysteryMan...and if you don't, I'LL RUIN YOUR MISERABLE LIVES!"

**Lawyer whispers in MysteryMan's ear.**

"Um...just showing you I'm humorous...that's right, laugh...**The crowd laughs nervously**

"Besides, everyone, who actually keeps up with the political-mumbo-jumbo? My thoughts will be crystal clear..."

"Vote for MysteryMan!"


"The Phoenix can be reborn, but it is never the same"

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