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Re:About the bans on Basin and Ravage!, this is only a personal opinion

Author: BandWidth ()
Date: 2000-04-08 00:00:00

On 4/8/00 at 13:12 Sid6.9 wrote:
>Hello all,


> I personally do not disagree with Tridus that he lay the 100 list silly stick on their sad silly sorry asses by banning them. Basin with the Nazi Propaganda and Ravage! well being Ravage!

> Anyways I think a lifetime ban is a little too excessive (See my vote) I personally think that because they did attack Tridus, that Tridus may have acted overly emotionally considering what happened. I can't blame him cause I would have reacted the same way. But it's like when you piss off your parents and they say you are grounded for a month, when it's only like a day.

-The ban is not lifetime. The ban stands until they are willing to apologize for their actions (as far as I understand at least)

> I think the ban should be for 2 weeks then lifted. They shouldn't have to appologize if they don't want to. That's a freedom we all have, to either say your sorry or say I don't have too. But as far as banning them because they won't appologize is a little harsh. I personally feel 2 weeks, lift the ban, and if they come back acting the same way, then ban them for 2 months. Although most of the people that know Basin and Ravage! know them on other forums so I doubt they would be back after 2 weeks anyways.

-The ban could be 2 weeks or 2 years. Like I told Ravage!, the cards are in his hand now and it's up to him from here on.

> This also eleveates the ban now on newbies that want to see the forum without having to get a password to do it. I think this ban hurts this forum as well.

-It's not like we get too many newbies here. But if we were to, then they can't get in. It's too bad, but it's what had to be done.

> Now I'm not saying Tri or SM have to allow them back, I just think maybe a lifetime ban is a little harsh. And we all know Ravage! won't appologize, that's just the way the dude is. Personally I kinda think he is funny when I talk to him on ICQ, but then of course that's not the forum or replace the things he said to Tri either.

-If Tridus lifts the anonymous ban, they WILL be back. It has been expressed strongly to me by Ravage! that he is going to do everything in his power (which is nothing in reality) to get back onto this forum and spam the hell out of it.

-As for Rav apologizing, if he is not willing to do it, that is his own problem. If he can't be a ban and admit that perhaps he stepped out of line then he is not wanted here.

> Enough rambling, my head hurts, aaaahhhhhhhhhh D2 will cure that headache, oh yeah baby! :)

-You are only aware of what occurred and what was said on the forum. If those were the only actions, there would likely have been no bannings. Over ICQ, there were messages that contained everything from petty insults, to spam threats, to threats of hacking certain individuals computers. The behavior demonstrated last night was extremely immature, and it will not be tolerated.

-Do you recall last weekend when another problem with Ravage! occured? MysteryMan almost left the community due to the problems he caused. If something wasn't done, the immaturity would have likely continued each weekend until the end of time. They needed to be showed the way.

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