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All my years of brawling, of pummeling the unsuspecting and the deserving, have yielded two insights. You can either fight, or you can run. All other strategies are variations of these.
- Geglash (Diablo 2)
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'The biography of Edge: the hope for Peace.'

Author: Kodos ()
Date: 2000-04-07 00:00:00

The year was 2001 and war had spread its ugly face across the lands of Danner. Danner was slain prior to the war by his father Tanner. Tanner took the reigns of power and sought to expand his kingdom to include the expansive realm of Luxembourg, birth-place of Edge, warrior of nations. The war was tiring after its fifth year, but soon it quieted. For all but the enlightened Edge, it was a grateful pause amongst the consistent battles. Edge knew that the peace was merely a rebuilding of arms of both sides. He knew the outcome would not sit well with the elders. Edge went to see the elders and came back with each of their boney severed heads. This sign of power gave Edge the edge he needed to edge on over to the edge of a mountain and look upon the edge of the lands of Luxembourg. Upon travelling up the mount, the people sought peace within Edge, and he promised them a good land of love within ten years. Ralph Klein also promised them good health care within ten years but did not deliver. And thus, Edge slew the impetent Premier and ended the Two-Hour War of Klein. Edge drew the mighty Blade of Amnesty from the rock and made regal warfare upon Tanner's armies. Edge was victorious in his plite and knew that Tanner was not the upstanding citizen as his propoganda had supported.
"Believe in yourself man." Tanner's friend Panner said.
Tanner slew Panner in righteous combat soon after.
Edge burst into the room and screamed the cry of fury. This frightened Tanner into berserker madness. He foamed at the mouth and ears. Soon his head exploded and eels of Satan poured from within.
Edge knew he was the victor and returned to his home-land.

He left a boy and returned a man!

"Believe in yourself and you will fail, believe in others and you will succumb to their will, but believe in me and you will feel my anger on your tested brow!" - Ted Anger, "Random Acts of Violence"

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