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Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-04-07 00:00:00

I am sure you have heard of "prose," which basically just means a format that looks like this:

          SM_007 walked into the hallway. It was empty, save for perhaps a few papers which were blowing across the room thanks to a nearby open window. SM_007 walked over to the nearest desk and pulled open the drawer. Inside, his darkest fears were confirmed. There was a block of cheese sitting right in front of him. Old cheese.
          "Damn!" SM_007 exclaimed. "Why is the cheese here? Why now?"
          SM_007 stormed back out of the room and just as he entered the hallway again, he spontaneously conbusted.

Well, you get the point, hehe. And script style is the typical:

[Riptide HQ.]

(Tridus sat behind his desk.)

Tridus: I'm evil. Muar har har har har!

(Tridus fell out of his chair.)

Tridus: Curses!


Usually, in script style anything with "[" and "]" brackets around it is the location, anything with "(" and ")" brackets is an action, and finally, when someone speaks, it just says their name and a colon after it. Then again, this is constantly changing, usually with people using "*" symbols for action. Either way works, and I have usyed both, so it doesn't really matter. :P


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