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Author: BandWidth ()
Date: 2000-04-07 00:00:00




On 4/7/00 at 16:40 rRaminrodt wrote:

Rend and Name

As they drove along the highway Searcher was quiet and calm. In the deepest recesses of his mind the Searcher was at peace. The time of the Arc would fail beneath him and all would be set aright. He remembered the blood and the pain it brought and knew the end was near, thoughts were fickle things and they carried him back, back into the misty archives of the mind…

A book lay open on the table, but Tridus was too tired to write anymore. His training with the shaman Grul’dash was arduous yet strangely fulfilling. The Spire had sent him back to ancient Draenor to complete his training; mastery of the sciences was one thing, mastery of the veil was another. The raw ability to shape the universe in the way one saw fit… unbelievable. The Spire had chosen him to for this mission, above the others spared by the Arc. The name filled Tridus with dread, he shut those thoughts out of his mind before he made himself sick.

His thoughts returned to the Twisting Nether. While, as others in the Spire had told him, there were many different ways to shape the universe with ones will one of the most powerful was the unbridled chaos inside the Nether. Formed as a kind of outback to the universes that belonged to the demon planes, its raw energy could be tapped with a lot less effort than some powers yet once tapped it became a struggle to control the taint inside ones self. Yet with a mastery of logic and science Tridus’s mind was one prepared for each combat. In fact he almost enjoyed subjugating the chaos of that place, lashing it to his will…

His thoughts were interrupted by Grul’dash entering the hut. The aged orc required Tridus to fetch water from the well. On the way, Tridus was surprised by a visit from the shade of his old friend Edge. The member of the Spire was reminding Tridus not to waste any time, if he had to find a new mentor he would do so…

The Searcher’s mind, reminded of Edge drifted to other memories.

Tridus walked into the lab followed by Indrean and Edge. Edge, "Amazing aren’t they?"

Tridus stared at the tubes, each filled with a clear blue liquid. In each tube hung suspended bodies; the bodies of cyborgs just recently created by the Spire.

Tridus spoke, "Its almost unbelievable. It’s really him isn’t it…"

"Yeah," he walked over to one tube. "The RStefan series…" He tapped the glass of the tube second in the row, "01. This is him, it’s almost unimaginable. Us here, watching his creation."

A scientist entered the lab and smiled when he saw the awed Tridus and Edge. "They have completed their artificial skin growth cycle. Soon the computer will randomly sort through the info banks and download unique personalities and memories into each."

Tridus closed his eyes, "That one will learn football."

The scientist just shrugged. "After that they’ll spend a week in final systems testing. Real world situations. Then the seeding process will begin."

New images flashed into the Searchers mind.

The temporal pods began launching into space. One by one they slowly faded into different times. Suddenly one exploded and a ship de-cloaked. Tridus watched all this unfolding on the main viewscreen of the Spire control room. Indrean got up and hit the comm button, this was followed by a familiar face appearing on the screen.

It was long and drawn out like the man hadn’t slept in months, his eyes had that dead look of one without a soul.

Idrean growled, "rRaminrodt of the Victory… how goes the Search fiend?"

"No need to be formal Indrean... I warned you about the seeding. But you didn’t listen, again. The more you try and change the past, the more things fall into the old rut."

Tridus couldn’t hold back anymore, "Listen you. Why don’t you come down here and we’ll have a nice little discussion."

"The only thing you want to discuss with me is how well your sword will fit into my guts. No thank you," rRaminrodt turned to look at Indrean. "The Search continues, the Arc is many things. Inescapable yes, omnipresent no. I’m dying Indrean. If the Search is not continued, all will become part of the Arc. I ask you once again, like I have asked a thousand times, send someone, an acolyte, a cyborg, anyone to this ship so that my search can continue."

Indrean just sneered, "As I have said a thousand times, fiend. The Arc is yours, your child, your death. This is one thing I gladly sacrifice to the Arc." The man on the screen only blinked and then the screen went off. "Damn him, I hope he burns in hell."

As swift as a stream The Searcher’s memory leaped once more.

Tridus wept, he could no longer stand the pain. All around him the surface of the Spire was burning. The once proud buildings and complexes of their world-vessel lay in ruins. Bitter irony it seemed that this world was their escape from the terror, their ark. But now all was ruins. Then he saw what he was looking for, a Shin-vekar, a servant of the Arc standing above a barely living body. Tridus pointed his palm toward the beast, and reached into the nether. More irony, as the nether seemed to be uninfected by the Arc’s influence. The beast burst into flames and ran away shrieking. Tridus approached the figure lying on the ground. "Tridus," Indrean gasped. "I killed him, the fiend." Indrean laughed, "he came to gloat over our death while he still lived… ah." Indrean began coughing up blood and then stopped breathing. Then he heard the noise. "I am not dead, yet." He saw the shredded corpse of the being called rRaminrodt moving slightly. "My search is over… I have found it." The terrible visage looked at Tridus. "Dichotomy incarnate. Joy of the Shenduim. Fear of the Conclave."

Tridus spoke, "What are you talking about?" "I have lost and gained everything. My search is over, and yours will begin soon. You will escape this place and find a place safe from the Arc. Then you will realize you are dead. Just like all of us are, become the weapon of the Spire, Tridus. It’s walking vengeance. Search it out, the purity of life, and let it take you." He paused, "Now I must do something that will pain you, make you hate me forever, more than you already do. Tridus." "What?" "You let her die." "What? Who?" "Sashie, you let her die… you failed. You let your child die." "Never say that! Fiend! Rot forever!" Tridus screamed in rage and let the nether take him. He grabbed at the frail life-force and twisted it until it broke into a thousand pieces, destroying it’s mind-soul forever.

And as if simply remembering these events tired him The Searcher nearly collapsed. He had surrendered the old name long ago. Made himself the weapon, just as the fiend had told him. And now things were flowing out of his control, he now contained within him the essence of the one thing that could survive the Arc.

It had all been too easy, the mystery all led back to the ancient ones, like many things did. He had wandered the planes for centuries until he finally found a reality in which both the Zerg and Protoss still lived. It was then his purpose to sneak fulfill the dreams of the Zerg overmind… He used the power of the nether to take control of the first human he met a confederate soldier named Duran. He cloaked himself inside this man’s body and claimed the crucible that was the Korprulu sector as his own laboratory, finally when all was done and the hybrid lived, the Arc found him.

His thoughts became like fire, they pained him so much. He cleansed his mind, and touched the raw power that seethed like a storm inside him. The life-force of the Hybrid… nothing could stop him from destroying the Arc’s creation… Nothing.

=Scene: Outside Riptide Main offices=

All is quiet in the early morning, except for the puttering engine of the old taxi that just pulled up in front of the building. Two figures exit the taxi, the taller one hands the driver some money and the car putters away. The taller man seems to be all angles and points, but on a closer inspection one can see that he simply has strapped to him more guns and knifes than Mad Max at a NRA convention. The shorter man seems to be wearing a kind of suit of white armor, made of what seems to be porcelain, covered in doodles.

Ravage!: Well, were here. All we have to do is find BandWidth.

Basin: *Putting a crayon away.* Hiel! BandWidth!

Ravage!: yeah, exactly.

They walk up toward the Riptdie building and nude open the door. The building seems abandoned, but before they leave they hear a shout.

"Help! Is someone there? Get me down!"

Ravage! finds the room where the shouting is coming from.

rRaminrodt: Ahh. Thank goodness that someone finally found me. Hey who are you?

Ravage!: Funny question coming from a guy stuck to a wall. *he smiles* I’m Ravage! and the guy back there is Basin. We work with BandWidth.

Basin: ^ Ich bin der für immer glückliche Verbündete des großen Führers. Wir folgen ihm durch den Fluß und den Wald und den See und den Ozean und die Stadt und das Maisfeld!^

rRaminrodt: Uh, okay. I guess we’re friends then. Help get me down… *Ravage tugs at rRamin.* No, not that way. Here, you have to recite this spell, I’d use it but it doesn’t work on oneself.

Ravage!: Spell? You expect me to believe in magic?

rRaminrodt: I wouldn’t be a proud card carrying member of the Quantum Mechanics Society, if I didn’t know a smattering of magics.

Ravage!: Whatever…

Ravage! followed rRaminrodts instructions and the latter character slid off the wall. He got up and stretched out a bit.

rRamin: Ouh. That was not comfortable.

Ravage!: Whatever dude. Now, where’s BandWidth?

rRamin: That’s kind of a long story. He’s lost…

Ravage!: Lost!? Lost? This place is messed up… I guess its time for us to do a little work, right Basin?

Basin: ^ Ich verletze unsere Feinde und ihre dummen Freunde, indem ich zusammen ihre Köpfe nehme und sie schlage. Sie sterben einen horribly unglücklichen Tod.


To be continued.

Changes by this story:
We learn more of the Searcher’s history. Ravage! and Basin have arrived to help BandWidth. rRaminrodt is finally unstuck from the wall.

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