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Soultaking 101 (post-box storyverse)

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-04-07 00:00:00

SoulTaker slowly gets on his feet again. Still recovering from taking one of The Searchers souls, he is quite dizzy and is having a hard time staying upright.

Lil Bo Shepherd: "Yo' should go sit for a while. Come on in, to RStefan01.com!"

Tridus: "Thanks, Bo."

Tridus helps SoulTaker walk into the house. They walk into the living room, where all 3 of them take a seat.

Tridus: "I didn't know you could actually TAKE souls... "

SoulTaker just sits.

Tridus: "Are you OK?"

SoulTaker: "Yeah... I just have to get the new soul balanced... "

Tridus: "What do you mean?"

SoulTaker: "I'll try to explain it. The Searcher had two souls in him. One was the "Future Tridus", and the other was the Zerg/Protoss hybrid. Don't know why he had 2 souls, but apparently he couldn't control both of them, and was stuck with the "Future Tridus" soul. He wanted me to take that soul, so that he could use the Zerg/Protoss."

SoulTaker: "Now I have 2 souls, and I have to learn to control the new one. Each soul has its own personality, and before I can return to "normal functionality", I have to balance the two. The "Future Tridus" soul will have to change. Right now, I can't really control which soul is controlling my actions... Which means, that The Searchers "Future Tridus" personality will show itself in my body occasionally, until I regain control."

Tridus: "Does that mean that you will occasionally behave and look as The Searcher's 'Future Tridus'?"

SoulTaker: "Exactly. As you can see, it's very important that I regain control, and make my original soul the dominating one in my body... "

Tridus: "So, what you're saying is that there are 2 souls in your body, waging for control?"

SoulTaker: "Yes."

Tridus: "And you need to 'change' the Future Tridus soul?"

SoulTaker: "I either will need to affect the new soul's personality to become like my original soul, or simply make my soul the dominating one."

Tridus: "Interesting. And then, sometime, you will be able to control both souls, and change between them freely?"

SoulTaker: "Well, that's quite a lofty goal. To be able to change between "Future Tridus" and me... It is possible, but I don't think I will be able to do it. My abilities have been inactive too long... All I want is to remove the danger of Future Tridus controlling my body. I don't think I will be able to change between them whenever I want."

Tridus: "Can't you just somehow destroy the 'Future Tridus'?"

SoulTaker: "Souls cannot be destroyed. They can move from body to body... But never destroyed."

Tridus: "So you could actually move Future Tridus into, say, rRaminrodt's body?"

SoulTaker: "Yeah, but that's not a good idea. It is quite a shocking experience, having to fight for control of your body."

Tridus: "An interesting possibility, though. What happens if Future Tridus gains control of your body?"

SoulTaker: "You mean, full control? If Future Tridus gains 100% control of my body?"

Tridus: "Yes."

SoulTaker: "Then I would be... Dead."

Tridus: "You're already dead, aren't you? I mean, undead."

SoulTaker: "But if another soul took control of my body, I would be without body... Which is... Death."

Tridus: "Scary."

SoulTaker: "For security, I think that I should be locked up until I gain control of my new soul. If Future Tridus gets in control, I could endanger all of you."

Tridus: "Right..."

Tridus: "But there's nowhere to lock you up here, and RStefan01 left in the jeep."

Lil Bo Shepherd: "We got the cellar downstairs, if yo' interested."

SoulTaker: "That would be a good idea."

Lil Bo Shepherd: "I'll show ye the cellar."

Lil Bo Shepherd, Tridus and SoulTaker stands up. Lil Bo Shepherd leads Tridus and SoulTaker to the cellar.

Lil Bo Shepherd: "It's an underground cellar, where we store some of our beer."

SoulTaker: "That should do."

He walks down the stairs to the cellar. It's a dark, grey room. Cold. A few beer jugs are stored in one of the corners. A few rats run away as SoulTaker arrives...

SoulTaker: "Come see me once in a while."

Tridus: "Have fun."

SoulTaker smiles. Lil Bo shepherd closes the hatch to the cellar, and locks it...


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