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The farm incident (post-box storyverse)

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-04-06 00:00:00

The heaven darkened, and soom the farm was only illuminated by SoulTaker and The Searchers red glow. They both began shaking. The Searcher closed his eyes. SoulTaker held The Searchers hand even tighter, his bony fingers digging into The Searchers thin flesh. The Searchers chest began glowing red, and a transparent, dim shape began to separate from The Searchers body. The shape moved towards SoulTaker while taking the shape of his skeletal body. While The Searchers red glow became dimmer, SoulTakers became more powerful. As the red shape moved into SoulTaker's body, he shaked violently.

SoulTaker: "Hrrngh... The... Pain! AAH!"

SoulTaker fell to the ground. The clouds cleared, and the sky brightened...

Lil Bo Shepherd looked at a cow beside him.

Lil Bo Shepherd: "Now that was some light show, huh?"

Cow: "Moo."

Lil Bo Shepherd: "Thinkin' the same thing."

Cow: "Moo. Moo."

The Searcher opened his eyes. He looked at his hands. They were crumbling. His skin began to lose its saturation... Slowly, he grew larger... Increasing his height to 2 meters. His eyes became larger, and his body was morphing into something more... Animal. The old skin fell off his body, revealing a strange, brown substance covering his body.

Tridus, Lil Bo Shepherd and RStefan01 looked in amazement as The Searcher grew into a hybrid of a Zerg and a Protoss.

Lil Bo Shepherd: "Holy Cow!"

Cow: "Moo!"

His body done with the metamorphosis, The Zerg/Protoss raised his arms into the air...

The Searcher: "Yes... It is all so clear now... "

The Searcher looked at Tridus.

The Searcher: "You will stay here."

He turned to face RStefan01 and Lil Bo Shepherd.

The Searcher: "Guardian of sheep, you will too stay. Zero-one, come with me. The time has come to make my move."

Lil Bo Shepherd: "Yo' leavin' now? What about the cows?"

RStefan01: "Sorry, Bo. Business first, cows later. I don't have much of a choice."

Lil Bo Shepherd turns to face the cow.

Lil Bo Shepherd: "Well, sweetie, I guess it's just me and you now... "

Cow: "Moo."

The Searcher enters the jeep, with RStefan01 sitting in the back, and drives away. Tridus looks at them as they drive away, still baffled... He then turns to face SoulTaker, who is still lying on the ground.

Tridus: "SoulTaker... "

He kneels beside SoulTakers body.

Tridus: "SoulTaker... "

SoulTaker moves his head to face Tridus. At first he seemed normal... But then, in a few seconds, his face morphed into what was once The Searcher's. Tridus quickly moves a few steps away, shocked.

SoulTaker: "Hngg... "

SoulTakers face changed back to his original bony skeleton face...

Tridus looks at SoulTaker, and then looks at the horizon, where he could still see the jeep.

Tridus: "I don't know what happening... But I'm not happy with it."

"My girlfriend and I were happy for 16 years. Then we met."

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