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That was more than nifty!

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-04-06 00:00:00

On 4/6/00 at 15:14 rRaminrodt wrote:
>(Direct continuation from tridus' latest so Im not gonna do any bg stuff)

>As he stared out the window he realized something wasn't right. Tridus was staring straight into a pair of eyes...

>His own eyes...

>The first thought that sprang into his head was he was looking at a reflection of himself. But the face that the eyes belonged to was different, craggy with age and bearded. Then as a final testament to the fact that it wasn't his reflection, the window shattered.

>Tridus went for his swords, but before he could reach them the figure spoke.

>The Searcher: Break.

>As soon as he said this Tridus's swords crumbled like dry clay. Tridus spun around a lept toward the door.

>The Searcher: Seal.

>Tridus grabbed at the door in vain. It was if the door and the wall were one adamantium peice.

>Tridus: Who are you?!

>The Searcher: I am The Searcher. You will listen to what I have to say...

>Tridus: *calmed, but baffled* I am Tridus, what do you want... and why the heck do you look like me?

>The Searcher: Ah. Tridus, I remember that name... It was mine once, long ago.

>Tridus: What? You're me?

>The Searcher: Possibly. There are many paths to the future, mine is only one. *he turns to look out the broken window* But a strong one. That is why I am here.

>Tridus: Wha...

>The Searcher: I am The Searcher, It is my destiny to forever seek a new path into *he pauses* the future. The true future, which I destroyed.

>Tridus: I'd never...

>The Searcher: Silence! I knew I should have never spoke to you. The thought that I was once so simple minded. *he turns now looking at Tridus again* I sense a question in you, ask it.

>Tridus: *now a little nervous* How did I, uh, become you?

>The Searcher: The story is long, and I don't have the time here. I will tell you that my hand is guided by the Twisting Nether, yet my soul is my own...

>The Searcher: Now, you must tell me where the Man of Bone is.

>Tridus: SoulTaker?

>The Searcher: Yes.

>Tridus: He's downstairs, probably, still in the conference room.

>The Searcher: Good. Go to the garage below and prepare a vehicle for us, I will meet you there.

>The door to the room opened and the stepped out. Tridus felt strangely compelled to do what this "future Tridus" told him to do, so he entered the Elevator and pressed the B1 button, while he watched the man slowly walk down the stairs.

>The Searcher could still remeber the layout of this place. It had been burned into his memory oh so long ago. But this was unimportant, only his quest, just that and the chance to be free.

>He entered the conference room startling rRaminrodt and SoulTaker who were going over maps of the local area. The both jumped startled at the sudden entrance.

>SoulTaker: Tridus??

>rRaminrodt: Now whats going on?

>The Searcher *lifting his hand and pointig at rRaminrodt*: back fiend.

>rRaminrodt was flung agianst the far wall and stuck there, struggling futilely. SoulTaker immediately dropped into a defensive mode.

>SoulTaker: I don't know why you're impersonating Tridus but your in trou...

>The Searcher: You will come with me.

>SoulTaker: I don't wa... ugrh. *he begins to tremble*

>The Searcher: You will come with me.

>SoulTaker: *in an almost defeated voice* I will, sir.

>SoulTaker followed The Searcher out of the room and down to the basement. Tridus was waiting in a running jeep with the Riptide Logo painted on the side.
>The Searcher and SoulTaker get in and close the door behind them.

>The Searcher: Do you know this park? He shows tridus a postcard.

>Tridus: Yeah. Thats in the south part of town. Nice neighborhood.

>The Searcher: Go there first. Then we will go somewhere else, then I will be done with you for now.

>They engine roared and they sped off toward the park.

>=Scene: Fandbridge Park, a half hour later=

>The Searcher: There.

>SoulTaker: That box?

>The Searcher: Yes, now open it and walk back to where I'm standing.

>Tridus and SoulTaker slide the top off of the box and walk away as they reach The Searcher a buzzing noise comes out of the box. Then something slides out.

>Tridus: A drone? Oh. No way!

>The Searcher holds Tridus and SoulTaker as the Drone slides about the landscape looking for a good spot. When it finds one the drone begins to morph.

>SoulTaker: Why?

>The Searcher: It will soon become a nydus canal. But that will take time, we must drive south along the road called Route 15.

>Tridus: How far south? Thats a long road.

>The Searcher: We must not waste any time. Come!

>=Scene: Hours later, in the jeep=

>The Searcher: *pointing* there

>He is pointing toward a rickety old building, the typical desert gas station. A number of people are lounging about the front porch. One, a man wearing sandles, a smock and carrying a crook curled at the top spies them and shouts to his companions. A man wearing a 40's style pilots outfit smiles and mouths something to a rabbit about 'visitors'.

>They pull up and The Searcher climbs out. He calls for SoulTaker, who follows.

>Lil bo shepard: Weeelcome pardner, to RStefan01.com!

>The Searcher: Where is he?

>Shepard: Who?

>The Searcher: *shouting* Zero-One! Code: Alpha zeta omega phi!

>Suddenly a chrashing noise erupts from inside the builing and then through the wall leaps RStefan01, beer can in hand.

>RStefan01: Ahrg. What is going on.

>The Searcher: Forgetten already, 01? No matter.

>The Searcher: SoulTaker, *grabs SoulTakers hand* Take my soul.

>SoulTaker: NO! I wont do that anymore!

>The Searcher: Do it!

>SoulTaker begins to comply grudingly...

>ST: Ah! There are two souls!

>The Searcher: Yes. Now do what I told you. I have prepared myself.

>SoulTaker concentrates and soon both are bathed in a dark red glow... which intesifies until an unnatural thunderclap fills the sky...

>To be continued!



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