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Nifty! *applause*

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-04-06 00:00:00

On 4/6/00 at 14:01 Tridus wrote:
>(notes: this starts shortly after SM's story below, and anything blocked off and in italics is probably a flashback type thing)

>*Tridus, rRaminrodt, and SoulTaker are all sitting at the large rectangular conference table in Riptide HQ's rather expensive looking conference room. Tridus is at the head of the table, with rRaminrodt to his right and SoulTaker directly to his left, the rest of the table's seats sit empty. Tridus has his swords propped up against the side of his chair, not really used to actually having to keep them somewhere anymore, after years of having Sashie just deal with it for him.*

>*The three sit and look at each other, trying to figure out what to do. rRaminrodt seems to actually be paying attention, SoulTaker seems to be semi-listening, but he's distracted by the idea that yet another President has suffered a horrible fate, this time relatively unknown... and Tridus, Tridus at least managed to look like he was paying attention...*

staring at his desk... it was still hard for him to believe it... two days had gone by now since Sashie's disappearance... checking the internet locator system he setup years ago for her found nothing... he kicked his desk in frustration, and afterwards his foot hit a box. Looking down, he saw the other tracking system, the one that could find her anywhere in the world, internet or no internet... and remembered that for the last four months he was going to install it tomorrow...

>rRaminrodt - So Bandwidth is missing... Psycho Sam, Psycho Bot, and that ugly guy are gone, and.... hey Tridus, are you even paying attention?

>Tridus - hmm.. wh? oh yes... yes Bandwidth stole Psycho bot and some ugly guy... got it..

>*rRaminrodt sighs* I don't know what has gotten into you, but you haven't been the same since you got back...

>Tridus - its... *sigh* a long story... I'll pay more attention, what were you saying?

>rRaminrodt - right... Bandwidth, Psycho Sam, Psycho Bot, and this really weird looking ugly guy that came in with Sam are all gone.

>SoulTaker - Considering the way Sam was talking, he must have been planning to kidnap Bandwidth for some reason...

>rRaminrodt - Right.

>Tridus - that doesn't explain the... damn, I don't even know what the hell it was.

>rRaminrodt - well... maybe if you expain it to the rest of us?

>Tridus - I don't know... this... hell I know... Sashie, pull up a picture of the guy who I sorta killed.

>*rRaminrodt and SoulTaker both look at Tridus, who hasn't yet realized he's talking to nothing.*

>*after a moment*

>Tridus - oh... right... well, umm... anyway... *sigh* well, whatever they are, one was fighting outside with SM_007, presumably while you guys were still out cold... I came up behind it and killed it, but it just disappeared in this strange energy blast. And then it, or another one looking exactly like it, was in the presidential office grabbing something... it jumped out the window and got into a limo. Now SM also got into it, and it drove off.

>rRaminrodt - weird.

>Tridus - well... those things are extremely fast and powerful, whatever they are... *rubs his head* ugh... you know, I'm not really sure how much we can trust SM in all of this.

>SoulTaker - what makes you say that, he's been doing a fine job!

>Tridus - gee, maybe that he got into a car with someone stealing stuff from the Presidential office, someone who looks identical to one I had just killed, unless it was actually the same one... maybe because he disappared for a while? Hell, maybe, just maybe, because he was at my cottage when I got attacked and Sashie was kidnapped! And then he was gone... only to re-emerge here to put on a good show of stopping those things, then to leave with them? It doesn't add up.

>SoulTaker - ok... umm... let me see if I have this. Some person you killed re-appeared to steal something, and left no body because he just disappeared after you killed him. SM_007 stole your computer for no apparent reason, and then came here to... to do what exactly? you said he fought with one of those things.

>Tridus - the one I killed, yeah.

>SoulTaker - ok... so he fought with one, and then left with them? And you think there's a problem?

>Tridus - of course I do!

>SoulTaker - well... he's a secret agent right? Couldn't it just be that he's infiltrating this limo to find out what super secret information it contains?

>*rRaminrodt tries not to laugh*

>Tridus - ... no, he's turned against us is what has happened.

>SoulTaker - Of course... don't worry, I'll put out a warning to everybody who owns a car that he's going to invade it so they should be extra careful!

>Tridus - ... the sarcasm is not appreciated.

>SoulTaker - we don't have time for missing computers and conspiracy theories right now Tridus, we need to get President BandWidth back.

>*another random thought floated into Tridus' mind...*

"I'm sorry Tridus, I don't have time to help you find a stolen computer right now, I have to win an election. I'll direct you to my assistant who can help you out. I have to go now, it was goood tlaking to you again..." *click*

>Tridus hung up the phone... three days since Sashie's disappearance, and the headaches had subsided enough to allow him to think and at least call in some favors to try and find her... but so far, nobody was being very responsive... nobody had time for him and his odd family... well, he'd remember this the next time they needed help... yes, every single last one of them...

>*The thought sent Tridus into a rage... the people here were giving him the same execuses! Well... very soon they would pay... oh yes...*

>SoulTaker - Alright, now that thats settled... if we get everybody out searching, maybe we can at least find a direction they went in, and then...hey where are you going?

>*Tridus got up and headed for the door with his swords.*

>Tridus - If your not going to help me, do you really think I'm going to sit here and help you find... wait, who did you say the new president was?

>SoulTaker - Bandwidth!

>Tridus - Right... that commie freak... nah, he's not important enough to waste my time on.

>SoulTaker - He's the president for god sakes!

>Tridus - *shrug* and I care because? President, Daughter... President, Daughter... gee, what would you choose? *Tridus spins around and walks out the door*

>SoulTaker looks at rRaminrodt*

>ST - What was that?

>rR - just, let it go, I don't think he's quite right in the head right now... now what were you saying about finding BandWidth?

>** Shortly afterwards, in Tridus' quarters inside Riptide**

>*Tridus walks in and flops down onto his bed... and started talking to the empty room...*

>T - what a horrible week... first Sashie... and now this... why don't they believe me anyway? well, I guess I'm just on my own this time... There has to be some way to find out where she is! *Tridus punches the pillow he's got his face buried in* Somehow Sashie... somehow... I'll find you, and then we'll make these bastards all regret everything they've done to us...

>*Tridus gets up and sits down by a window instead, looking outside and trying to come up with some kind of plan... when nothing comes to mind, he just resorts to staring out the window, hoping for some kind of answer to come along...*

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