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Nifty! *does a jig*

Author: undertow ()
Date: 2000-04-06 00:00:00

On 4/5/00 at 23:29 SM_007 wrote:
At the same place.

At the same time.

Who do you trust?

>[Inside of the Riptide HQ building.]

>(BandWidth is getting used to his new surroundings, and putting a big U.S.S.R. flag on the wall behind his desk as a reporter sets up camera for the first in-office presedential interview. Psycho !Mas looks on with his usual glee while rRaminrodt, Edge and SoulTaker all speak quietly to each other off in the corner.)

>(They are all interrupted when the doors burst open and an anti-climatic little metal box with squeaky tires and googly eyes ever-so-slowly zigzags its way into the room. It has "psYcCO bOT!" poorly painted on the side. It finally comes to a halt in the middle of the room.)

>BandWidth: What the heck is going on?

>Psycho Bot!: I'm a bot! I don't care!

>BandWidth: Someone please get this bot out of here!

>Psycho Bot!: Did someone say my name?

>(SoulTaker angrily makes his way over to the bot, still in a grumpy mood. A familier two-dimensional stick figure leaps in between the bot and SoulTaker, brandishing a chainsaw. SoulTaker snaps out of his lazy mood and gets in a fighting stance as Psycho Sam! smiles. Then again, he is always smiling, ain't he?)

>Psycho Sam!: Bruhaha! You will now pay for what you've done!

>SoulTaker: What?! What are you talking about?!

>Psycho Sam!: I am taking over Riptide from this point forth!

>Edge: Dammit, Sam!, now isn't the time for your lame antics. BandWidth has an interview.

>(Psycho Sam! becomes enraged.)

>Psycho Sam!: See what I mean?! You people never take me seriously! But things are about to change...

>(As Psycho Sam! finished that sentence, another person walks into the room, and takes a stance behind Psycho Sam!. He is a tall, fat black man with a large, black afro and pointy, jagged and yellow, rotting teeth. He is wearing a black suit with a gold tie and two gold shoes, along with one golden glove on his right hand. He also has big, seventies-style dark sunglasses on.)

>Psycho Sam!: Everyone, I'd like you to meet...Fabuloso McWilly.

>[Outside of Riptide HQ, at the same time.]

>(A black luxary car pulls up, only a block or so away from the building. Three familer agents are inside of the car, and are all looking up at Riptide HQ as they speak to each other.)

>Old Man: So, that is what is happening right now?

>(The old man coughs for a brief moment, but then sucks it up and holds his breath.)

>Agent #1: Yes. BandWidth will be gone in a moment, along with Psycho Sam! and his bot.

>Agent #2: They will be incipacitated, as well, which is when we can move in.

>Agent #1: We will have a window of four and a half minutes before they regain consciousness.

>(The old man takes a deep breath.)

>Old Man: Move in now.

>(The two clone agents nod and exit the car at the same time, and calmly start walking towards Riptide HQ.)

>[Behind Riptide HQ, at the far side of the building.]

>(SM_007 sighs, and stares down at his PP7 pistol. He does this for several seconds, before he finally takes a deep breath, and pockets the weapon. He walks quickly towards a locked, iron door at the back wall. Once he comes to it, he simply points his watch at the key lock and a small laser beam hits the lock, disintigrating the hook instantly as the useless lock tumbles to the ground. He slowly pulls the door open.)

>[The Riptide HQ main office.]

>BandWidth: Sam!, what is the point of all this? Who is this Fabuloso fellow?

>Psycho Sam!: He is the man who you are going to listen to. Otherwise, you are all goin' to get a beating.

>Edge: Is this for real, Sam!?

>Psycho Sam!: Yes! Now everyone put your hands in the air!

>rRaminrodt: Forget it, Sam!. You're nuts.

>(Psycho Sam! becomes totally enrages and dashes towards rRaminrodt.)

>Psycho Sam!: I am not insane! I am not nuts! Shut up! SHUT UP!

>(Before Psycho Sam! can run into rRaminrodt, Psycho Bot! beeps loudly three times, and then a flash of extremely bright, nova light floods the room. Everyone is engulfed, and they all freeze in their positions, including Psycho Sam!, who falls to the floor like a rock, still in a running pose. No one else even blinks, aside from Fabuloso McWilly, who removes his shades and laughs to himself, bearing his ugly teeth.)

>[In the luxary car, outside of Riptide HQ.]

>(The old man sighs.)

>Old Man: Don't let me down, now, SM. Don't let me down.

>[The back of Riptide HQ, where SM_007 had entered.]

>(A man in a green cloak, who's body is totally concealed, sees the open metal door, and slides in.)

>[In the main lobby of Riptide HQ.]

>(SM_007 looks around the room, and feels as if he is getting a headache, as if someone was tapping him on the shoulder, in a desperate attempt to tell him something. Only no one is there, and his brain is straining trying to understand what it is panicking about. SM_007 runs into an open elevator, and shuts the door. As the door closes, two agents walk into the main lobby and head for another open elevator. Once they are on, an elevator, a man in a green cloak walks in, and looks around. He heard an elevator door close, and since there were no security guards around, which was abnormal, especially this close after the most recent election, the man in the green cloak headed for the stairs.)

>[Inside the main office of Riptide HQ.]

>(Fabuloso slings BandWidth over one shoulder, and Psycho Sam! over the other. He exits the door of the office, followed by the small, slow bot behind him. He goes into a hallway, and hears the ding of an elevator. He looks down one end of the hallway, and sees a man in a black suit, wearing dark sunglasses. The man stares right ahead, right through Fabuloso. Fabuloso hears another ding, and both he and the man in the elevator quickly look over to see, at the opposite end of the hallway, another man in a suit. This man does not have the same composure of the agent, as he seems to have a very frantic aura about him. He sees the fat man in the middle of the hallway, holding both BandWidth and Psycho Sam!, and sees the agent right past him, at the other end of the hallway, in the opposite elevator.)

>(No one moves for a second. Then, Fabuloso MicWilly leaps into an office right in front of him, and uses his own body to hipcheck the door closed. As he does throws the bodies he was carrying on the floor, the agent and SM_007 pull out their pistols and take several shots at each other. SM_007, knowing the bullets are coming at him, realizes he is going to die. Then his body takes over, and he instinctivly leaps to his left, perfectly dodging the bullets as he falls to the ground, around the corner and out of site from the agent.)

>(The agent, on the other hand, didn't even move from where he was standing. Faster than the human eye could keep track, he moved left and right several times in a matter of milliseconds, as the bullets fired at him went straight through where he was standing and into the elevator door, which has just closed. After the bullets had went past him, he made a mad dash down the hallway to where SM_007 is. SM_007 had just gotten back to his feet when the agent was on top of him.)

>[Another hallway on the same Riptide HQ floor.]

>(A dark green cloak briskly glided down the hallway, and made a sharp turn at a certain door. Various noises were coming from the other side of the door, which mostly consisted of thumping and banging.)

>[In the main office hallway.]

>(The agent did not waste time. He blocked a weak punch from SM_007, which would have normally been enough to take any man down. The agent then proceeded to mercissly pummel SM_007 in the gut, and then hit him with a hard uppercut. SM_007 flew straight upwards into the ceiling, made a sickening thud, and then fell to the ground with a bloody jaw. He attempted to speak, but only a mixture of spit and crimson emerged from between his lips. He groggily looked up at the agent, who then kicked SM_007 into the head and sent him flying backwards, until he cracked his spine on the hard hallway floor. He lifted his head and saw the agent standing over him.)

>Agent #1: Unfortunately, SM_007, you have used up your usefulness to our organization.

>(A door opens up, causing the agent to spin around. There is a man in a green cloak. The agent, upon seeing the man he recognized as Tridus, pulled out his pistol and prepared to fire. He suddenly tripped, though, and fell to the ground, thanks to SM_007, who was clutching his leg. He rolled over and pointed his pistol directly in SM_007's temple when a small, curved blade, not much larger than a dagger, slid into his chest cavity. A wave of green electricity and code passed through the agent's body, and then he fell to the ground, and disappeared, simply fading away, leaving SM_007 clutching at nothing. Tridus bent over to help him up.)

>Tridus: You have some explaining to do.

>(SM_007 got to his feet, coughed a little as a trickle of blood dangled from his mouth, and then frowned towards Tridus. Tridus motioned to follow him into the main Riptide office, and began walking. SM_007 simply spun around, and ran back into the elevator, closing the door. Tridus growled quietly, not knowing anything that was going on, and dashed towards the elevator, but it was too late. The door was closed when he got there. He leaned on the elevator door and sighed. When he opened his eyes, he saw the door to the main office of Riptide HQ close, and dashed in.)

>[The main Riptide office.]

>(Tridus knocked on the door twice, and then the door came crashing down with Tridus on top of it. When he looked up, he saw the same agent he had just killed standing behind the desk, picking something up. Once he saw Tridus, he put the item in his coat pocket and grinned. Tridus began to get to his feet, holding out not one, but two short, curved swords in each hand. Once he began to get up, though, the agent jumped out the widow, and fell dozens of stories. Tridus, not even paying attention to the motionless Riptide people in the room, like rRaminrodt, Psycho !Mas, Edge and SoulTaker, ran across the room and to the window.)

>(Tridus sat in complete shock when he saw the agent that looked exactly like the one he killed on his feet, on the street below. The agent was striding towards a luxary car outside, and hopped in. Tridus didn't have a clue as to how he could have survived the fall, but was even more shocked when he saw SM_007 hobble to the luxary car, and get in himself. Once SM_007 was in the car, it sped off.)

>(The other people in the room all fell to the ground, which temporarily scared Tridus. He looked over and saw them lying on the ground, and holding their heads in pain as they gathered their bearings and slowly came to their feet.)

>SoulTaker: Wha...ugh...what happened? All I remember is Psych Bot!'s bright light, then...

>Edge: That bastard! Psycho Sam! did something! Tridus, what the hell is going on?

>Tridus: You're asking ME?!

>[Outside of the back of Riptide HQ.]

>(Fabuloso McWilly smiled as he walked away, carrying BandWidth over one shoulder. Psycho Sam! had come to and was walking beside Fabuloso, carrying his precious bot, Psycho Bot!. Fabuloso had to laugh that he made it out of that whole fiasco unharmed, while Psycho Sam! was pleased that he had what he came for...BandWidth.)

>[Inside of the car.]

>Agent #2: The other agent was--

>Old Man: Yes, I know.

>Agent #2: I have what we need.

>Old Man: Excellent.

>(The old man looks at SM_007 and grins.)

>Old Man: I think we have everything we need right now.

>SM_007: So, what should I call you, anyway?

>Old Man: Call me...Albatross. Agent Albatross, SM_007.

>(SM_007 smiled and looked out his window. He finally felt as if he was doing something...right.)

>The End?
It is never the end...

>Changes be this storee:
Well...nah. Never mind. Read the story again to get it all down pat, hehe.

We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

vincit omnia veritas

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