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Oblivious to the fact that their market share was disappearing faster than donuts in the break room, the Mozilla Project programmers repeatedly abandoned real-world progress and accomplishments for - and this is the technical term - cool shit.
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Liek mee!

Author: Anonymous (TerinUnit)
Date: 2000-04-04 00:00:00

On 4/4/00 at 19:08 RStefan01 wrote:
>Cause I mean, it'd be nicer to have a gramattically correct and correctly spelled leader =)

><a href="http://www.rstefan01.com">RStefan01.com</a>

<b><font size=+2 color="#FF0000">BandWidth</font></b>
<img SRC="http://www.fotw.stm.it/images/su.gif" height=100 width=200>
<b><font size=+1 color="#FF0000">President and Beloved Leader</font></b>

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