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Note..the abuse of the font tag will stop in 2 or 3 posts (once I'm bored of it).

Author: BandWidth ()
Date: 2000-04-04 00:00:00

Thank you for your time.

On 4/4/00 at 18:18 BandWidth wrote:
>That ruled!

>That f***ing ruled!

>On 4/4/00 at 15:21 rRaminrodt wrote:
Strife in the Future

>>=Scene: The stock room of a Riptide computer shop=

>>An old man shuffles from one shelf to another reordering components, putting the right thing in the right bin. After finishing the job he settles himself in the creaky old chair behind the stockroom desk. He sighs and traces an old picture's frame, it shows a young man smiling, standing underneath a sign that read, "Mike's Fix It shop." Lost in the past, the old man fails to hear the entrance bell in the front of the store ring, as someone walks inside.

>>Voice: Is anyone here?

>>The man gets up and walks to the front of the store.

>>Mike: Hello? I was working the back and didn't hear you... Hello, is anyone here.

>>Voice: Yes.

>>The man looks down to see an odd-looking squat little robot walking around the floor of the shop.

>>Mike: What are you?

>>Psycho_Bot: I don't care, I'm a bot!

>>Mike: Saucy little thing aint ya.

>>Psyco_Bot: I don't care, I'm here for parts!

>>Mike: Now I don't know you sent you in here. But I can't go around selling things to robots, if you tell me who your owner is I can help you. 'Cause then I know you have permission.

>>Psycho_Bot: Psycho_!Mas, Psycho_Sam!, do you like fried eggs and spam?

>>Mike: Mas? That the fellow who's running these elections? Well then, what do you need.

>>The sound of a dot-matrix printer and a tickertape roll out of the top of psycho_bot.
>>Mike reaches down and rips the list off and reads it.

>>Mike: Most of this I have... but some of it's special order. I'll have to get in touch with my nephew who own this place to place those orders.

>>Psycho_Bot: I'm a bot, I don't care. I'll be back in a day, so there!
>>Mike: *smiling* Ok, I'll see you then.

>>=Scene: Riptide Offices, Main Conference Room =

>>Mas: I'm so glad you're here, the elections have been going well... but I'm glad we have a real Riptide official in our midst again.

>>Edge: Thanks for the vote of support, but without Tridus I don't think any stability will return soon.

>>Psycho_Sam! walks into the room, carrying a box full of electronics parts, Psycho_Bot waddles in after him.

>>Edge: What's all that for?

>>Psycho_Sam: The president!

>>SoulTaker, who was sitting in the corner of the room, looks up. After a few seconds he stares back at the ground.

>>Mas: We're building a tracking device and status sensor for the next president. It will communicate with the computer systems and a mobile tracker we're building.

>>Edge: I don't think any of us can build that sort of thing.

>>Sam: I can. I had a lab and everything.

>>Mas: You can't build anything... you just messed up whatever was left in that lab.

>>Sam just shrugs.

>>Edge: Then who the heck is building it?

>>rRaminrodt: *entering the room* I am.

>>Edge: Huh?

>>rRaminrodt: They asked me as soon as we got back. You didn't notice because you were too busy. *he holds up a Advisor pass* Technical advisor at your service.

>>Edge: Hey now. Only Riptide Officials can give those out. And I'm the only one right now!

>>Mas: Sorry, but I had to step in. Like you said, there was no one else around to do the job.

>>Edge: I'm sorry too. I realize that, things have just been overwhelming lately... You know what I mean.

>>rRaminrodt sits down at a table and begins to fiddle with the parts, while staring intently at the blueprints.

>>Mas: I know. *Stares out the window at the large voting tents they had set up in front of the building.* At least things have calmed down a bit, with Orazath dead.

>>Edge just nods and opens one of the letters left unopened from the last few days.

>>SoulTaker: *gets up* I'm going for a walk. *he leaves the room.*

>>Edge looks at Mas with a quizzical expression.

>>Mas: He was responsible for the President's protection. He feels that he failed MysteryMan.

>>Edge: Oh, that's too bad. *sighs* I'll go try and talk to him...

>>Edge leaves the room. Mas turns and looks at everyone doing a job. He walks out into the hallway and up to the empty lobby. He steps out and strides to the voting tent, to speak to some of the candidates.

>>=Scene: A grassy hill, outside Riptide town limits=

>>The Searcher stared at the horizon. Through every fiber of the searcher's body he could feel that his goal was close. Close to where he stood lay a long plain wooden box.

>>The Searcher: *bending down to touch the box* Soon, you will see the light again. The end of our search nears, I can feel it. It lies somewhere close, in the place called Riptide.

>>=Scene: The voting area=

>>Huge signs and banners were stretched across some of the nearby buildings. There were a number of small stages were people were either making speeches or playing music advertising this candidate or that. Hired goons are standing around providing security. In front of the large voting tent a electronic sign was set up, wires went from the back of the sign into the tent, the front of the sign read "00:01:58".

>>Out of the Riptide Offices walked Edge and Mas close to each other... a few yards behind were Sam and rRaminrodt, who were talking quietly to each other. SoulTaker was already standing in front of the tent, with arms crossed as he had just removed some unruly voters from the premises. Edge and Mas walked up to the small stage set up nearby and got up onto it. Mas tested the microphone and then got down, he walked up to the tent entrance; the electronic sign read "00:00:30".

>>Mas pushed the flap aside and entered. The sign read "00:00:10".

>>The crowd, and everyone nearby fell silent. There was the steady low thrum of traffic in the background. Mas exited the tent. The sign read "00:00:00". He was holding a envelope.

>>He walked up to stage and handed the envelope to Edge without a word. He walked over to where Sam and rRaminrodt stood.

>>Edge tore open the sealed envelope fresh from the voting machine. He slowly pulled out the computer printout on the inside. For a few seconds he scanned the paper and then he adjusted the microphone.

>>He opened his mouth and spoke.

>>Edge: Ladies and gentlemen. I would like to solemnly congratulate our new president, BandWidth.

>>The crowed was silent, for a few seconds. Then there was a slow rush of sound, followed by an even grater noise of a large number of people talking at once. Some were shouting, yelling in joy, other shouted curse words. Some sang, other did little dances of victory, and some threw what the held to the ground and stormed away. Amidst the din rRaminrodt turned to Mas.

>>rRaminrodt: *mouthing* Who?

>>Mas: *also speaking silently* I have absolutely no idea...

>>=Scene: Same place, next day=

>>The stage has been expanded and bleachers have been set up in front of it. Small banners are draped at the bottom of stage. Three chairs are set up on stage two are for Mas and Edge, the other one for the new president.

>>Everyone takes his or her places. Everyone is waiting for the man named BandWidth to show up. Soon a low rumbling is heard, and onto the nearby street an aging Russian tank turns. Atop the turret sits a man in a military type uniform waving at the people and smiling....

>>He hops off the tank and strides up to the stage and climbs on. He attempts to straighten the disheveled uniform and turns to face Edge.

>>BandWidth: I'm here. When do we get started?

>>Edge: Take the seat there, and I'll begin the inauguration.

>>Edge turns to face the audience.

>>Edge: Citizens of Riptide. The time has come for us to welcome the new, duly elected leader of the community, President BandWidth. In a few moments I, as the acting Riptide Official, will swear him in. But first, a few words:
>> Almost a scant month ago we introduced our president, the man called MysteryMan... this leader of men inspired the community. He led us through thick and thin giving us strength when endangered by the Cruelty of the False Dark lord Tridus or threatened by Dark Templar. Within him he carried the hope of the community... But not long ago, he lost his life. Without his leadership our hearts turned black. It was as if the community had been blinded by some unmerciful hand come to strike us down. But, citizens of Riptide, we cannot give up hope. With this recent election, we take a stab at the darkness with a torch. A torch, lit with the spirit of hope that our friend, our companion MysteryMan embodied. We can never forget what he has done for us, what he can still do for us! Walk with him in your thoughts into a brighter future!

>>*Edge pauses* Now, I would like to swear in Mr. BandWidth...

>>BandWidth steps up to the front of the stage.

>>Edge: Do you solemnly swear, in the name of all that is good that you will unfailingly serve Riptide?

>>BandWidth: I do.

>>Edge: Do you swear to protect the community and its people?

>>BandWidth: I do.

>>Edge: Do you swear to uphold the laws and principles of this community?

>>BandWidth: I do.

>>Edge: Now, do you swear lead in a right and just manner with the people's bet interest in your mind?

>>BandWidth: I most strongly do.

>>Edge: Then, BandWidth repeat after me... *Edge says the presidential oath*

>>BandWidth: As president of the Community of Riptide California I swear to uphold the laws and principles of the community. I promise to serve and protect the rights of the people and unswervingly defend them in the face of danger. I vow to cooperate and aid in the work of the Riptide Staff in all projects and efforts. And I will perform the duties and responsibilities of the office of president with dignity and diligence.

>>Edge: With the power granted to me by the community I officially announce the Presidency of BandWidth!

>>Edge nods toward BandWidth and then sits down. BandWith adjusts the mic and pulls out a small scrap of paper.

>>BandWidth: I thank the people. For it is the working man and woman I have promised to serve and that I will do. All those who voted for me know I am the man of the people for the people. *he shifts and puts the paper back in his pocket*
>>I had a few other things I wanted to say. But Edges speech inspired me... You see, I can tell that MysteryMan was one like myself, not necessarily in name, but in spirit. He also served the people, and I can only hope... no, I can and will serve you with the same verve and determination he did! Comrades, I can only promise you one thing, and that my friends is the Future!

>>*the crowd erupts into cheers and applause having been won over by the new presidents speech*

>>BandWidth: Thank you. Thank Riptide. Thank the People! *he steps down*

>>Edge returns to the mic.

>>Edge: *looking energized for the first time in weeks* Thank you Mr. President. Now in conclusion of the ceremony I would like to thank Psycho_Mas for leading us after the loss of our president, and organizing the elections. I would like to also mention Psycho_Sam for his service to MysteryMan and Riptide in these dark days.

>>*the crow applauds again*

>>Edge steps down and escorts BandWidth toward the Riptide Offices. SoulTaker follows closely behind. They are followed by Mas, Sam and rRaminrodt, who pause just outside the main doors to the building.

>>Sam: I oppose fascism!

>>Mas: Quit it Sam. He may be a communist but that does not mean he's a despot.

>>Sam: I hate the Home Despot too...

>>Mas: *rolling his eyes* What are you going to about it then... He's the new president, duly elect...

>>Sam: I'm going for a walk! *Sam strides off*

>>Mas moves to follow him but rRaminrodt, grabs him.

>>rRamin: He's better off doing this. The sooner he can convince himself of BandWidth's good qualities the better.

>>Mas: I don't want him to get into trouble... after all, he is my twin.

>>rRamin: Yeah, I know... But I have the feeling were going to need to be a real team. And soon.

>>Mas: Very well. We have work to do then. *they enter the building*

>>=Scene: Hours later=

>>A janitorial engineer is sweeping the square in front of the Riptide offices, who's windows are all dark. He hears the sound of footsteps and turns around.

>>The Searcher: What is this place?

>>Sweeping Man: Wha? Oh, *looking at the man's garb* the town? Its Riptide.

>>The Searcher is silent; he turns his head to look around at the surrondings.

>>Sweeping Man: Are you looking for something?

>>The Searcher: I belive I have found it.

>>Sweeping Man: You have?

>>The Searcher: *eyes locked onto the Riptide Offices* Yes, yes I have...

>>To Be Continued

>>Chances by this Story-
>>Edge is in charge of Riptide. BandWith is president. Everyone is together except Tri and SM who are still out there. Sam distrusts BandWidth. The Searcher has come to Riptide, who he is, good or evil no one knows.

>>I intended to do more involving Mas and a new enemy (not the searcher, I don't know what he is yet) but Time ConstraintsĀ triumphed over me. And all you out there, who like the stories... make a character. We need people to really flesh out the stories, and so we can have really parallel plots. Pleeeease?

>>Quantum Mechanics Society



>President and Beloved Leader



President and Beloved Leader

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