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And the wrestling is the cause of violence thing is easy to deal with. If westling is the cause of violence, then Soap Operas are the cause of dysfunctional families, the news is the cause of depression, and of course, the moral breakdown of society is caused entirely by Video Games and Paganism, and not in fact politicians selling out to Corporations and creating a generally cynical public.
- Tridus
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Quit yo whinin', beotch!

Author: Anonymous (Fabuloso McWilly)
Date: 2000-04-03 00:00:00

You really do suck, Psycho Sam!. You are a shell of the former person you used to be. That is why I do not work for you anymore. Where once there was a man of dignity and action, now there is only a shell of that former person. You moan, you whine, and you cut people up with chainsaws, while mumbling about what you are going to do to BandWidth. You have done this so much that people are no longer freightened by your petty threats. They merely laugh them off. You have become the laughingstock of an entire nation and I will not work for you until you finally regain your once-awesome composure and return to dominating the land known as Riptide. Until then, you will not have my support, for you are too pathetic. Good day.

Fabuloso "Zabbo" McWilly

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