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To those I spammed on ICQ :) (Also a character desc, or at least part of one)

Author: BandWidth ()
Date: 2000-04-03 00:00:00

Sorry about that, but ICQ wouldn't let me send the entire message at once and I had to split it up. And then, for SOME reason *insert cursing here* the thing send each message about three or four times. BAH!!!!!!!!!

I imagine the desc was skipped past due to its spammish quality, so here it is.

Basically, I'm wearing a beige military uniform (a la stalin), with some medals on the pocket. black army boots too. I carry a brown briefcase with a red hammer/star/sickle symbol on the front of it (the briefcase is just like the one yeltsin carries, the nuclear briefcase:) ). I also have a military type hat with my uniform. The uniform is kind of old and dusty/drab, like something you'd pick up at a thrift store (which is probably what I did in order to make myself look cool). Oh yes, and I wear a sword on my belt which is my primary weapon. I have a small, pistol hidden in my boot as well (just in case the sword fails).

I like to constantly spout pro-soviet propoganda (because it's fun). I also threaten to send the Red Army at people if they do not comply with my wishes. Other then that, I dunno yet. Inquiries can be sent to me as quickly as ICQ will allow. One thing though, I'm not some stuffy army guy, I just like to pretend I am. Underneath the uniform, I'm still the nut you know and love/hate. :)

I'm also not sure about BandAid, but I figure we might be able to keep him around, just because it's so much fun.


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To those I spammed on ICQ :) (Also a character desc, or at least part of one) - BandWidth - 2000-04-03 00:00:00