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VERY IMPORTANT storee-related questions and information!

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-04-03 00:00:00


I am planning on writing up a pretty huge post which will include the history of the stories in Riptide thus far, the character descriptions, and finally, where the stories are now and what should happen with them, and so forth. This will take some time, but the main thing I need right now is character descriptions.

I know what some of the characters look like, but I need to know what all of the characters look like for this to be perfect. I am going to have a paragraph per character, which will include their physical attributes, characteristics, personality traits, and so forth. Once our actual website is up, I am sure this will all be uploaded somewhere, and is therefore pretty important.

So not only will I need people to give me their character descriptions (replies, ICQ or e-mail would all work), but now would also be a good time for people who want to be in the storylines to write me a character description of what their character should look and act like, and I can write that person into my next story if you don't want to. You get the idea. But right now, it's important that you all give me character descriptions so I can write them down. Besides, it'd be better out of the words of the creator what their character looks like.

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