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Coming soon: Ralf vs. Dancin Guy

Author: Psycho Sam! ()
Date: 2000-04-03 00:00:00

Last semester in my Communications Technology class I had to make a final project using 3D animation. I had big ideas on what I would do with my animation, and all looked like it was going well. I got the first few scenes rendered fine, and they looked OK, but I noticed the due date was quickly approaching. Due to the lack of time I realized that I needed to cut down on things that would take a while, such as animating the caracters walking. Around the last few days I finally got all the scenes rendered and was about to put them together into one big movie when I noticed that some of the scenes were missing. Panicking. I drew up a few quick images in Paintbrush to replace the missing scenes with. Then I noticed that I hadn't recorded voices, so I quickly got me and a friend into the recording room and recorded the script. I put it all together and realized that it wasn't very good and wasn't very interesting to watch. Out of desparation to make it semi-watchable I knew I needed some background music. I talked to my friend and it happened that he had the Pulp Fiction soundtrack with him, so I used that for some background music.

After everything was ready, I put it all together with Adobe Premier, but there was a minute or so of blank screen before the actual music started. I handed it in, got a mark of 85% and forgot to get the hard copy back from my teacher. This morning my teacher came into my home room to talk to another student and I took this opportunity to ask if I could get it back.

Sometime this week, when i figure out a way to upload the 80 meg file using my puny little 33.6k modem, you too can laugh at it, and me. I know not many people will want to see it, but it is good for a laugh or too, and some of the scenes are done fairly well. It should be available for download sometime soon, but I'm not sure when...

Anyhoo, comments anyone?

I am Sam!
SUPER Psycho Sam!
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