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okie dokie.

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-04-03 00:00:00

Ok, there is two of them right now (I want to make it one). The first one grabs all the top level posts, and here it is:

"SELECT userindex,username,tag1,tag2,tag3,postindex,posttype,subject,date,time,nt,ot,authenticated,anonymousid,views,parent FROM posts,users WHERE posts.posterid = users.userindex AND posts.parent = 0 ORDER BY posts.date DESC, posts.time DESC"

(the date selector is also in there normally, but I took it out to make it a bit easier to read)

now since I have that in a view right now, I use something like "select * from threadlist", but thats the base query right there. The second query is the same, except its where posts.parent <> 0, as its the one used to grab all the replies.

Now what happens is whenever I try to print replies, it runs a filter on the ADO recordset returned by the second query so the only thing left is the replies to the current message. Alternately, I could also requery the database using "AND posts.parent = postindex_of_message_calling_this_query", and get the same results.

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