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Wrestle Mania Match Results (for those who care :)

Author: CitizenDog ()
Date: 2000-04-03 00:00:00

Wrestle Mania Match Results:

(T&A won a match but i forget who they fought)

6-man Tag
Too Cool / Chyna (defeat) The Radicals

Triple Threat (int.cont.belt and Europ.belt)
Benoit (defeat) Curt Angle - Int.Cont.Belt
Jericho (defeat) Benoit - Europ.Belt

Triple Threat Tag Team Ladder Match (Tag Team Belt)
Christian / Edge (defeat) Hardy Boys and The Dudlys

Tag Team
Boss Man / Bull Bucanan (defeat) GodFather / D-lo brown

Cat Fight
Terri (defeat) Kat

Hard Core Battle Royal (Hard Core Belt)
HardCore Holly (defeat) Crash, APA, Ki-en-Ti, Mean Street Posse, Visera, The Head Bangers, and Taz.

Tag Team
Kane / Rikishi (defeat) Road Dogg / X-Pac

Faital Four Elimiation (World Champ. Belt)
Rock pins Show (Show gone)
HHH pins Mick (Mick gone)
Vince Backstabs Rock
HHH pins Rock (Rock gone)
Rock gives Vince, HHH, Shane, and Steph all the People Elbow.

winner - HHH

Wrestle Mania Match Results (for those who care :) - CitizenDog - 2000-04-03 00:00:00
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