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Heh. My brother is going to show up in the Pierce Brosnan movie.

Author: Anonymous (El cazador)
Date: 2000-04-02 00:00:00

He got a call from a friend who has a friend who has a friend who's somehow connected with hiring extras for the film being shot down here, starring Pierce Brosnan, Geoffrey Rush and Jamie Lee Curtis.

He had to go around 4:30 p.m. yesterday and came back around 6:00 a.m!. And how much money he got? 40 bucks. It seemed so much better over the phone, but he said it wasn't worth the effort. Too much waiting around and he was real tired at the end.

The funny thing is, I don't think this movie will give us a nice image. Hollywood is sooo stuck up with stereotypes and the way they see latinos, that Panama will look like some sort of colonial town from the 1930's. They've been filming over all sort of tourist places that are way old looking, so everyone may think the whole country is that way. They've hired all sort of people to play extras (wich is good) but the roles? heh! pimps, prostitutes, muggers, drug addicts and the like. I'm not saying we don't have that, because we're far from being a squeaky clean country, but to make emphasis on that on an international scale, it'll just smear us that much more.

I'm guessing they're only following the plot, and the plot doesn't have any shootings on any modern places. But after you get to see this thing on the silver screen, you'll think I type on the forums from a flintstones computer (woodpecker and all and a smoke signal modem!) eating my lunch made out of coconuts, while sitting on a branch waiting to swing myself to the next tree.

"Mom! Could you give me the canoe keys? I'm picking my girlfriend down the river to buy myself a new loincloth!"

"Okey, but take Zabu the leopard for a walk out first."

Just so you know, we're not THAT primitive. That's just a part of the country (big one, gotta admit) But we do have cities and buildings, not just huts. An american friend of my sister's confessed to her once that when he was told he was coming down to Panama, he wasn't sure if he should bring his car or not. He didn't know if we had roads. I mean, c'mon!!!

My brother ended up on one of them ambiance scenes, where you get to see the background before going into filming the stars, who were talking in a car. He plays a pimp arguing with a prostitute. He also lights up a cigarrette to one of the girls.

Few things I found funny about the movie and all:

- Jamie Lee Curtis filmed all her scenes and left our country early on. Not only because of other compromises, but because she couldn't stand the heat!!! It's so frigging hot down here!

- Geoffrey Rush likes salsa and has been seen at local discotheques and such.

- Pierce Brosnan is being hounded by women everywhere at the hotel. Specially at lunch hours. And it irks him a bit when they point and scream out loud: "Look! It's JAMES BOND!!". He goes: "I'm Pierce Brosnan" :)

El cazador

Heh. My brother is going to show up in the Pierce Brosnan movie. - Anonymous - 2000-04-02 00:00:00
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