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Sweet :)

Author: BandWidth ()
Date: 2000-04-02 00:00:00

On 4/2/00 at 12:58 Sid6.9 wrote:
>Just another Sunday at the Death Matches is an in-character post setting up or finishing off storylines for or from the Death Matches that happen on Friday’s. If you hate the Death Matches, I would probably hit the back button now…

>The Death Match Arena is a buzz with life as 300 angry forumers discuss and argue with what happened last Friday…

>Forumer #1- All right damn it, these nWd punks have got to be taken care of!

>Forumer #2- I agree, they killed Shockwave last week, who is going this week? Hell it could even be any of us! At any time! They don’t care who is in their way, or for that matter, who is out of their way.

>Forumer #3- Damn it, let’s blow them up!

>Forumer #2- No, we don’t need to do that, but they need to pay for what they did last week.

>Forumer #4 (With nWd shirt on)- You punks! You don’t even realize what the nWd could do for us, and you all sit around bitching about them! I mean hell they got rid of a referee that was always on the good guys side, and showed he hated the nWd.

>Forumer #1- Shut up you nWd wanna-be fag! Shockwave was a fair ref with every competitor!

>Forumer #3- Well not with everyone dude, he did have his moments. And judging from my newest Poll, Shockwave was a four star lamer!

>Forumer #5- Shut up! Shockwave was the man, and you are a punk for not agreeing with me!

>Forumer #3 (Shoving #5)- Shut up, I’ll kick your ass! Cause I’m a 10 star cool guy!

>Forumer #5 (Taking off his jacket)- Lets do it!

>And the two start to circle around each other as half of the forumers split up into two groups cheering on the two getting ready to go at it! Suddenly the lights shut off and a sign shows up on the wall of the arena saying Y2T with a countdown clock…






>Explosions jump out of nowhere as the fans there jump to it. Many of the 300 are cheering Y2T as the music of “Enter Sandman” blares from the speakers. MysteryMan walks out in front of Y2T as he walks down the ramp blowing kisses in each direction. The two individuals that wanted to fight stand in the ring and don’t move. Y2T gets into the ring and takes a mic that MysteryMan hands him…

>Y2T- Oh yes, it seems we have dissention among the ranks today with the “Tridaholics”.

>Forumer #4 (With the nWd shirt on)- I’m not a damn stupid “Tridaholic”, I’m black and blue, through and through!

>Y2T (Looks at the forumer)- Ahh you are just simply a misunderstood “Tridaholic” don’t worry though, cause Y2T will show you the way! It seems though that you all want to string up the nWd? Or most of you anyway. Well your hero is here, and in this needed time of heroes, Y2T has stood the test of time. I have made many fighters appear better then they ever could have achieved without the Hero. I mean look at Pixie Styx, without me he would still be digging holes for port-a-potties somewhere. Your hero has elevated Fluky more than anyone ever would have been able to achieve. In fact without a little Y2T in his diet, he probably wouldn’t even be a member of the nWd. And then off course the number man, the mediocre one, and the man that smells what my ass is cooking. Yes, SM_007 benefited with being with the great one. (The fans all stare at one another and then to Y2T) Oh yes, it’s true my “Tridaholics” without Y2T, SM_007 would not have become the man he is today! He needs me, he wants me, and he yearns for me. The hero. The man of the Tridaholics, for the Tridaholics, and of the Tridaholics!

>The fans erupt into a giant cheer as Y2T turns to the two gentlemen staring down one another…

>Y2T- Now you see here. These nWd thugs have turned my “Tridaholics” against one another. Now you see, it really isn’t the nWd that turned these two loyal “Tridaholics” against each other, no. It was me.

>The fans all * Gasp * at what he said, and stare around at one another. Meanwhile MysteryMan is sitting up on the ring ropes relaxing…

>Y2T- Now you see, I know what you are saying, “Y2T how could you do that? You were never a member of the nWd. Are you?” And of course the answer to that question is no, I am not. But I am responsible for all 4 members of the nWd. I mean look at what I said above, I mean it’s obvious that I formed that group without knowing it. It just goes to show how “The Iootolah of Rock and Rolla” can take 4 boring, over-the-top cowboys and put them together to form the most exciting group in the Death Matches today! It’s true, it’s true! And I have to say, in my over eagerness to please you, my loyal “Tridaholics”, in putting on a great Death Match last week. I failed in paying attention to detail, I failed to pay attention to the stipulations of the “Decapitation Match”, I failed you, my “Tridaholics”, I failed myself, and most of all, I failed Shockwave.

>The fans all look at one another and shake their heads agreeing with everything Y2T said…

>Y2T- I say, sorry to all of you, to the fans at home, and to Shockwave’s family. Next weeks show is in honor of him. (Turns to the two men in the ring) Now you two shake hands and make up like the good “Tridaholics” you are.

>Forumer #3- Screw that, you just went to –10 on my uncool list version 2.0 Tridus!

>Forumer #5- Shut the hell up you panty waste, Y2T is the man!

>Forumer #3- Hell no, he’s a damn sissy (As he dives into the other forumer)

>MysteryMan quickly jumps off the ropes and grabs #3 throwing him out of the ring…

>Y2T (Taking the mic and helping up #5)- Well I think I no where to put you two this week. How about it fight fans? Want to see these two go at it this Friday?

>The fans there scream hell yes, but suddenly it is broken up by the sound of breaking glass and the music of Korn’s “Freak on a Leash” as Flutie and Peak_Man emerge from behind the curtain, with another man standing behind Flutie, but not seen…

>Flutie (Putting a mic to his lips)- Oh yeah, guess who’d back Mofo! That’s right Flutie is back in this house. Now I know we are on forum time here, so I will keep the swearing down, cause I know fags like you Y2T can’t handle that!

>Y2T- Fluky, it isn’t I can’t handle it, it’s just that only little children like to swear, and that’s all your feeble little mind will ever be able to handle.

>Flutie- Yeah whatever punk. Let me tell you something right now, you never made the nWd. Stop taking credit for things you have no idea about, punk! The only thing you’ve done is piss off the one man that you shouldn’t be messing with! And come next week, you will feel my hate for you, punk!

>Y2T- All right, you can think that if you want to Fluky. But you and I know that it is true. Now why don’t you take Spanky by you there, and Buckwheat behind ya, and head on back to the clubhouse.

>Fluky ehhh I mean Flutie- I’ll leave when I’m damn good and ready, but first I got a man here that wants a piece of your sissy protégé there!

>Flutie moves to the side as Hank walks forward taking the mic, and looks at MysteryMan. MysteryMan shudders at the man that he had his first Death Match with.

>Hank- Well, heh, heh, hey thar Sweepin’ boy.

>Y2T hands the mic to MysteryMan…

>MM- It’s MysteryMan fat boy, and you better get used to it!

>Hank (Laughs as his big belly shakes)- Har, har, har. I tell you what boy, I think this week I will make an example of you. How about it sissy boy, got what it takes sweeping boy?

>MM (Infuriated)- Your damn right I have what it takes! I’ll sweep your ass into the middle of next week fatman!

>The whole nWd laughs at MysteryMan and Flutie takes the mic from Hank…

>Flutie- Heh, heh, looks like we are going to see Big Tank Hank finish what he started 4 weeks ago. My cousin has what it takes to take that little stick boy out! And Y2T, I’ll be seeing you next week.

>Y2T- I sure hope so, and I suggest you get that fat ass ready to die, put his affairs in orders, cause the MysteryMan will be kicking the crap out of him this Friday!

>And with a grunt from Flutie they depart behind the curtain as the fans boo at him and yell “Y2T, Y2T, Y2T.”

>MysteryMan (To Y2T as they leave)- Umm, Tridus, do you think I’m really ready?

>Y2T- Why do you ask? You should know the answer.

>MysteryMan- I’m, well seeing Hank again, well, makes me nervous.

>Y2T (Stops and looks at MysteryMan)- Trust me M and M, you are ready to rock and roll over that fat piece of lard. And I wouldn’t just say that either. You are ready.

>MysteryMan shakes his head in agreement as they walk up the ramp and disappear behind the curtain…

>Sid6.9- "If weird was a person, he'd be me!" :-)

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