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Erm, do we even *need* more than one moderator?

Author: RStefan01 ()
Date: 2000-04-01 00:00:00

So far there hasn't been a need for a moderator, except for the occasional multiple post deletion and thread moving. This was basically the same situation in the SideWinder forums, except that there was more spam and the occasional asshole who said something that pissed off a lot of people. I was [supposed to be] the only moderater at the time there. Having more than one person with moderator access led to problems. I'm sure most War Refuge regulars remember when Proman911 would step in and do something, all of a sudden a lot of people would be pissed of at other various people, and eventually the whole forum would make a big shit for nothing, kind of like what we're doing right now. One example of what happened would be Proman911 attempting to change the color of a post, and ending up deleting a whole thread, because he didn't know how to modify the index page properly. The SideWinder forums were basically my forums. I may not have written the script myself, but I bastardized it up enough to be at the point where I was the only one that really knew how it worked, and that's pretty much where Tridus is here. That's why I don't think that anyone besided him really needs moderator access to the forum. On RStefan01.com I haven't given any of the rest of the staff members moderation access for the same reason. I make enough mistakes myself, I don't need a bunch more people suddenly given the same ability to make mistakes, because then there's a higher chance that it'll happen. This is the end of the post.


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