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I'm gonna have to side with MysteryMan here

Author: The Lord DebtAngel ()
Date: 2000-04-01 00:00:00

I didn't know until about two days ago that the President got Moderator access. I just thought they got a silly tag. That's all I'm shooting for (through Ikik). Sure, I can make polls now, but I know my way around that.

I'm not surprised that MysteryMan didn't know about the Moderator guidelines. Only SM and Tridus know them, and it's mostly what they make up. Just because the two of them talk doesn't necessarily make it the rule.

There are two ways to stop these arguments from happening (and I bring this up because as a front runner in the next election, I don't want to get caught in another silly argument like this one). Either the President gets a silly tag and no moderator access, or you whip up a document with the Presidential Duties and Moderator Guidelines, and make it public.

I recommend removing moderator access, because the elections never have and never will be about real power - they are about making up crazy stuff and seeing what people liked. Real power just doesn't jive with that. But that is my opinion, and mine alone. Maybe it'll be Monday's poll, idunno.

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