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To clear up the little 'impersonation' debacle

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-04-01 00:00:00

A long time ago, when Riptide was just forming, we all decided that the community was going to be as big a part of the staff as the staff itself, and we wouldn't give any bullsh*t answers to you fine folks as opposed to telling you all the truth when something was happening, when it was happening. Well, tonight, I was the one on the recieving end of not knowing what was going on, and therefore ended up getting involved with something I had to piece together myself from bits of information from random people, since a couple of people I initially spoke to weren't much help at all, which is kind of apalling. Nonetheless, here's basically the rundown of what happened.

I look on the forum, and someone with the name "Anonymous" says that someone stole his or her name. I immediately go into detective mode, and question people as to who it is and what name he or she is referring to. When I speak to MysteryMan, he tells me that it's a "secret," and that he'll have it cleared up in no time. Never mind that this isn't good enough for me, having to protect Tridus' forum and my site in general from crap like this, and considering that as a moderator, MysteryMan shouldn't be withholding information. The really bad thing was that this person posted AGAIN, saying that his or her name was stolen and that he or she wants it back.

Finally, I speak to MysteryMan straight up, and tell him that he's not going to be a moderator if he doesn't tell us what's going on, and he's not going to be a moderator if he is a part of something that's going on which is causing confusion and anger in the forum. Any moderator knows that you need to keep the other moderators informed at all times of what's going on. Never mind that I don't know what name it is, who is using the name, who wants the name back, and whether or not the name is registered. MysteryMan, the way I saw it and still see it, is in a position of responsibility, and not only that, a position he was granted. It's not his God-given right to be a moderator; he's expected to help me and Tridus. The way I saw it, he was misusing this "power" because he wouldn't tell us what was going on, and he was a party to it. This, for me, is a big no-no.

Anyway, MysteryMan tells me the whole story, finally, and how it's the name TerinUnit that's being fought over, and how Ravage! was just stirring up some sh*t to cause confusion. The name is unregistered, and that basically means that no one has the rights to it. Anyone can use it. Therefore, there is no such thing as impersonation since the name itself doesn't have a rightful owner, at least in this forum. Knowing this, it wans't such a big deal with MysteryMan, who was also using the name to throw kwerkey off (since kwerkey at the time was trying to figure out who the real TerinUnit is - and just to be mean, I won't tell anyone who the original TerinUnit is, muaw haw haw).

In the end, this is simple: things shouldn't get this out of hand, but since me and Tridus had no idea what was going on, there was nothing we could do to solve the problem. This wouldn't happen if we are informed, and we need to be informed. That's the way things are. If you think I am too overprotective over my site, and if you think Tridus is too overprotective of his forum, I scoff at thee. You need to run a site with a lot of peope hangin' out there to really get the picture of what our jobs are like. I hope MysteryMan doesn't leave, but if he is leaving to avoid responsibility for his actions (keeping me and Tridus in the dark over the whole issue), then that's that. He seems to think I am mostly mad at him for using TerinUnit's glorious name, which is far from the truth. Ah well. I can't play grown up and fix everything all of the time.

All in all, a sticky situation. I never want this to happen again, either.

I think this just about covers it. Any questions?

We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

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