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theres a hat for me right? *reaches into his jacket slowly as if to grab a weapon of some sort*

Author: CitizenDog ()
Date: 2000-03-30 00:00:00

On 3/30/00 at 21:37 Anonymous wrote:
>* Ikik walks along handing out silly hats to the forumers, because he thinks silly hats will win him the election, when he comes across two forumers arguing. Upon closer inspection, the two forumers are the Lord DebtAngel and SM_007 *

>SM_007: AAAAHHHHHHHHH! (calmly) That's my cupcake, you know.
^$^: I don't see your name on it, prick.
SM_007:Wowe? Where's the anger coming from, buddy?
^$^: Like you don't know? Mutter mutter mutter...
SM_007: No, but now I'm getting pissed off.
^$^: What? You scream at me and don't know why I get pissed off.
SM_007: I was screaming?
^$^: ...
Ikik: Here, have a silly hat.

>* The two forumers look at their silly hats for a second, look at each other, shrug, and decide to settle the argument over air hockey like civilized men. Ikik, meanwhile, eats a cupcake. *

>SM_007: Hey!
^$^: What?
SM_007: Your ferret just ate my OOOH! Baywatch...


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