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SM_007: Okay, now that we've stopped bickering...

Author: The Lord DebtAngel ()
Date: 2000-03-30 00:00:00

...let's fix the actual problem.

Let's start with one bit of advice: only use ARGHH!!!! as yaur subject line if you want to flame somebody. That sets the tone for the whole message, and since you were restating the obvious in a condescending tone (you know, the flame tone), I got pissed off, and we all know the ruckus that happened after that...

I also think now is a great time for a big storyverse recap. Who is in it? Where are they? AFAIK, I'm at home with Ikik (who is and always will be a bona fide storyverse character) fixing MechaSam! (or in the store buying milk, depending on the next story), SM_007 is God knows where with some agent d00d, Tridus is stunned in Northern Quebec, MysteryMan is good and buried, and I'm not sure about everybody else. Oh, and Akwidox and Calvin aren't really in it - that was a pure election thing.

Ikik is also running for election; he started before the ruling came down seperating the two universes, and I'm not giving up the campaign now.

As far as new storyverse posting guidelines, I won't say anything except we need some, preferably in an FAQ somewhere. If nothing else, it'll avoid another incident like this one.

I think that covers everything except this:
^$^ - Was MysteryMan killed in the election? Yes.
SM - No he wasn't.
^$^ - Uhhh....my bad. I meant to type storyverse. Really, I did...you try typing a good flame up quickly while talking to your boss and trying to get an SoF game set up.

Any outstanding issues do not concern the forum as a whole and can be dealt with over ICQ, or preferably a game of air hockey.


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