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You left me off the list... AGAIN!

Author: Psycho Sam! ()
Date: 2000-03-30 00:00:00

On 3/30/00 at 12:20 Electoral Officer wrote:
>The current list as I have it is as follows (in alphabetical order more or less):


  1. BandWidth
  2. CitizenDog
  3. -=General=-
  4. Grayish Lord Akwidox
  5. Ikik
  6. Kiljad

>If you are not on this list and you are running in the election, you have to notify me immediately to get your name added before Saturday.


I am Sam!

SUPER Psycho Sam!
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Current Candidate List. If you think your running, read this message. - Electoral Officer - 2000-03-30 00:00:00
-You left me off the list... AGAIN! - Psycho Sam! - 2000-03-30 00:00:00