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Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-03-30 00:00:00

"Was Ikik used in stories before he was used in the election: Yes."

In the storyverse? Sure you could write a story about Ikik's non-canon response to the canon event of MysteryMan being murdered, but that's why I made the post: to clear up any potential confusion from your story which wasn't a part of the storyverse yet responded to the storyverse. It's a simple agenda and the actions I took (questioning what direction your post is coming from) were perfectly justifiable. I just wanted to know what your post was supposed to be taken as. It only required a simple explanation.

"Was MysteryMan killed in the election: Yes."

No, he wasn't. The elections ARE REAL. Real people at real computers. Unless Reed dies in real life, and I mean physically die at his computer, he isn't dead in the elections. This is exactly the reason I made the post I wrote a while ago which explained that the storyverse and the elections aren't the same thing, and the characters in the election and in the storyverse aren't necessarily the same (like SM_007 the secret agent and SM_007 the show host). See, MysteryMan killed off his character in the STORIES, or at least, he meant to (he told me so in a conversation afterwards). He isn't dead in the elections, even though he can't run or won't run again anyway.

"Was a memorial set up in the middle of the forum for the president in the storyverse: Yes."

Yes, he died in the storyverse.

"Therefore, was my post completely valid: Yes."

When did I say your post wasn't valid? There's no need to get defensive, and this is where the whole problem with miscommunication seems to stem from. I never said your post wasn't valid or good or anything of that sort. I only wanted to post a clarification and ask a quesiton, which I did. Your post is valid; any story posted here is valid. It doesn't mean it's a part of the storyverse, though. And if your post was meant to be a part of the storyverse, that's fine too. But I was only asking to CLEAR THAT UP!

"Did you care: It sure didn't seem that way."

If I didn't care, I wouldn't have responded, would I?

"I checked that particular story a couple of times to make sure there was no crossover between the elections and the storyverse (which, the two days before that you seemed particularly anal about). And you chewed me out anyway. That pissed me off."

Chewed you out? I did? Please point me to the part of my post where I actually chewed you out. In fact, here is my entire post to read again. Please read it this time knowing (a) that I wasn't actually upset and that I was just trying to clear something up, and (b) that I never said your post wasn't "valid" or that it wasn't good. Just read it like someone asking a question, giving some information to clear something up, and showing interest in your story:

Is this supposed to be a part of the storyverse or the election? After all, I did note a while ago that even though MysteryMan died in the storyverse, he didn't 'die' in the elections because the elections are takibg place in Real Life(TM). And unless Reed is actually dead sitting at his computer (and I don't wanna jinx anyone, tee hee), he is alive for the elections. The elections and the stories don't take place in the same, well, place. The stories aren't real and are completely made up by us. MysteryMan just wanted to write his character out of the storees and did so.

So, where's the part where I insulted you? I think you overreacted.

"I never got a valid response to my response to your response until now. The original post was TWO DAYS AGO! It was your turn to deal with it, and you didn't, and that has me a little pissed off at you."

Yeah, well, I didn't see a reply until the post was off my screen, since I only see posts that are around for two days because having it much more than that isn't good for Tridus. That's obvious. And I don't usually do a search on the forum to check all of my old posts to make sure someone didn't reply. Like I said in my original post, I caught your post only when I read your sarcastic comment and remembered that I had made the reply to your post that I did.

And for heaven's sake, why are you mad at ME for not replying to YOUR post which I didn't see? If you really wanted me to read it, why didn't you say so? Pass on a link? SOMETHING! Instead, you just got more and more angry as I didn't reply, and then made a sarcastic comment about me to someone else. How the hell am I supposed to know you are even angry when you don't tell me? You could, you know, tell me that you are mad and bring up your beefs to my face. There isn't much you can do to justify not doing this with me, especially since one of the reasons you are angry is because I didn't see your reply to my post for whatever reason. I am not Superman, that's for sure, and I might not keep track of every post I make all of the time.

"I'm at work right now, so I can't get into this any deeper for another hour or two when I get home. Until then, this will have to do by way of explanation."

This wasn't much of an explanation, really. I hope my post clears this all up once and for all. Arguing sure is fun, but there comes a time when you HAVE to step back and think whether or not you are wrong. I honestly stepped back and considered this possibility when Tridus sent me the link, and I apologized for having offended you, even if I felt that my post wasn't that offensive to begin with; and now anyone can judge, since I reprinted it above. And after stepping back and looking at this situation, I don't see how you are justified in continuing this whole bitter argument. I'm still sorry that I set you off, and that's the truth. I really am. But I can't apologize for you being unfairly upset and insulting me.

We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

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