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To DebtAngel

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-03-30 00:00:00

I'd hate to start a lousy flame war over this, but if there's one thing I hate in life, it's when people who have a problem with me choose not to take it up with me; instead, they simply stay bitter about an incident, and tell anyone who will listen about my negative qualities. I prefer it when people have a discussion about me instead of making off-hand sarcastic comments to others about me, publically or otherwise. And so you can understand how I might have been a little miffed when I read this in a post from you down below:

"Note that I'm only mentioning this because SM_007 seems to have hate it when anybody except him writes a story (I'm still a little ticked off at him exploding over the last one I did, which was perfectly valid and canonical in every shape and form)." (One little thing...)

My ICQ number is available in my profile, and it's 11435920. And if you ever have ICQ problems, or just plain don't use ICQ, my e-mail is always shawnmaclean@mailcity.com and I check it every single day. Or heck, you could just post a message to me in this forum if you want to, and I will respond. I think you know that. To me, anything is better than someone replying to a post with a bitter, sarcastic statement.

Now that this is cleared up, I wanna talk 'bout your original post which caused the argument:

As the sun sets in the forum

See, when I posted my reply, I wasn't angry at all. I was in a good mood, if I remember correctly. The reason I made that post is because I was attempting to make it clear to you that the current storyverse and the election do not intertwine. When I read your post, I was sure it was just meant as a story (and I am assuming I was right), but the fact that you were using the same "characters" that are in the election kinda confused me, so I just posed the question and reminded you that MysteryMan died in the stories, but not in the election. It's easy to see, when you think about it, where I was coming from, especially since I had just posted a message earlier explaining how the elections are "real" and don't work the same way as stories. And then I saw your post, which had election-related "characters" who weren't and aren't in the storyverse responding to the death of MysteryMan, who had died in the current storyverse. Even if it was just a random story post that didn't effect either, it was a post that was RESPONDING to what had happened in the storyverse, and that's where the confusion came in.

You (and Tridus, for that matter) both proceeded to bitch at me for overreacting, when I think you got the wrong message from my post. It was a question and a reminder, and I don't think, if you look back at the post, you'll see any real signs of anger or hostility 'cause of the little story you posted. In fact, I even made light of the situation in my post. So, I guess things got a little confused there, but in the end, I had no real problem with your post other than clarity of where it was taking place (the storyverse, a non-canon fun story, or an election story of some kind).

I do want to apologize though: Sorry if my post sounded worse than it is, but reading over it again, I honestly don't feel the same way. And I don't appreciate the "Calm down and take a pill, dood" reponse, nor the "I am mad at SM_007, but I won't raise the issue with him; instead, I am going to reply to random stories and election posts with a sarcastic and bitter tone, and bash SM_007" approach. Maybe this in itself was harsh (and sarcastic), but that's how I see it, and in my shoes, you would probably feel the same way if you saw me post something like that about you.

Think of the thing that annoys you most in life, whatever it is. What bothers you the most? What really, and I mean REALLY, ticks you off? Because whatever does this and is your pet peeve, that's how I feel about people who don't address problems with me to my face. It's my pet peeve, and I never respond well to it. See, I wasn't pissed off before, but now I am. I wonder if that is ironic...

Anyway, sorry if my post offended you in someway which you aren't making clear to me. I mean, I obviously didn't mean to do that, and it's clear it was taken the wrong way. Still, however, I didn't appreciate the response (and Tridus' response) to it, and I especially don't appreciate the post you made about me below.


We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

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