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Doctor Visit

Author: CitizenDog ()
Date: 2000-03-30 00:00:00

**starts in a doctors office with CitizenDog, MysteryMan, and the Doctor**

Doctor: say "AHHHHH"

CitizenDog: AHHHHHH

Doctor: my my my, just look at those razor sharp teeth... wow... i bet you give a nasty bite.

*has a funny look on his face*

MysteryMan: Heel

Doctor: I think i see something here....

MysteryMan: you do? what?

Doctor: hard to say... could be a parasite

Doctor: ... a gallstone... a stomach ulcer...

Doctor: ...

Doctor: .... a Remote Control

MysteryMan: come again?

MysteryMan: you swallowed the remote control?

CitizenDog: there was nothing on.

Doctor: well, we can extract it, its a very painful procedure and you'll have to leave him here over night...

MysteryMan: or?

Doctor: you could just change the channel mannually...

*all three pause*

MysteryMan: see ya tommorow

Doctor: you could see that one coming

CitizenDog: yep

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