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Yeah I know what you mean...

Author: Edge ()
Date: 2000-03-30 00:00:00

My high school, which is a specialized high school (which is also nationally reknowned), has a lot of smart people, but there are just some people there that really don't deserve to be there. I mean...they are just really stupid. I'm not trying to sound arrogant, but it is the reality. There are some really stupid people at my school.

Then the others just look funny or act like idiots in front of me. They, too, deserve a swift punch in the face. You know...one of those types of punches where you put your shoulder into it and follow through. Those are the good ones. :)

It's just that today, some moronic freshman decided to come over and start talking shit to me (excuse my french, but it's the best way to say it). Being the passive person I am, I decided to give this guy a chance and walk away. When he continued, I was really feeling the urge to lay him out on the floor. Bad luck came about and one of the school's deans came over and stopped me. I didn't get in any trouble, but if that dean didn't show up, that freshman would have been knocked out for sure.

I'm generally a peaceful person, but when drawn to the edge (no pun intended), I will go that extra mile and lay someone out, despite the odds. It has happened before, and the guy regretted it.

Phew. That feels better to get that off my chest. Hope that wasn't too graphic or arrogant, but if I didn't say that I would go back tomorrow and beat the snot outta him. I'm sure Richie sympathizes with me here. :)

Any comments?


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