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Death Match Preview for the Riptide Members only!

Author: Sid6.9 ()
Date: 2000-03-30 00:00:00

Hello Fight Fans, it's your loveable writer of the dea...Hey, Big Sexy! Get off my leg, I didn't mean that literally!

BSS- Well you do have sexy legs!

Sid6.9- Okay well, moving on, here's a Riptide only preview of the Death Matches for this Friday. Why only you all, cause I love you guys! And no, you can't have my bud light Big Sexy!

BSS- Awwwww crap.

Announcer Dude- If you do not want to know of things that will be occuring at this weeks death match, please hit the back button now. Roger dodger wilcox foxtrot.

Big Sexy makes his return! (Umm Sid, I didn't know he left.) Sid6.9- Quite you!

Master Sidious makes fun of BSS, and Big Sexy is none too pleased about it. (Heh heh Sidious makes fun of Big Sexy, all right, that is always cool.)

The nWd makes their feelings felt to the fans! (Hey Sid, there is no way I'm letting Peak_Man, Styx, Flutie, or SM_007 feel me! Tell them to just keep their hands to themselves. But if it's Big Sexy, tell him I'm available!)

Y2T Does alot of talking! (Since when has Y2T not done alot of talking.)

The Matches get set-up and there will be 2 matches of a different variety than your regular run of the mill death matches. But I'm not telling you who is fighting in them, you will have to wait til Friday to find out. (Awwww come on Sid, tell us!)

SM_007 let's out a serious secret that will blow your socks off. (And trust me, it blew mine off, and I still haven't been able to find them!)

Scroll down to find out a major spoiler, but I'd suggest not too, as it may ruin the surprise. But then of course, human nature says, I just gots to know!

A Non-Fighting Death Match regular will be killed during this Friday's Death Match!

Death Match Preview for the Riptide Members only! - Sid6.9 - 2000-03-30 00:00:00
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