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Bone Burial

Author: CitizenDog ()
Date: 2000-03-29 00:00:00

**scene starts with SM_007 watering a garden**

CitizenDog: You see, Ikik, finding the perfect spot to bury a bone is the key

*C.Dog and Ikik stand over the garden*

CitizenDog: once you know where that is, the rest is easy

*C.Dog starts digging up the garden*

Ikik: but how do you know?

CitizenDog: oh... YOU'LL know.

**bit later**

SM_007: You bertter not screw up anything down there!

CitizenDog: oh settle down, i'm not just indiscrimitnately digging up dirt with neither direction nor purpose, mining a hole to nowhere...

CitizenDog: burying a bone is an extremely precise system of soil removal and subsrquent bone placement, it demands strict attention to detail and a very steady hand.....

CitizenDog: whoops!

*water spout comes out of hole*

SM_007: what happened?

CitizenDog: well, thats a busted water main, SM.

CitizenDog: i wouldnt worry to much about that though, there are obstacles down here that pose a far greater threat to our safety than the water company


CitizenDog: The gas company for instance...

**bit later on**

CitizenDog: ok. were finnished. read this

*hands a note to SM_007*

SM_007: all right... uh... "ashes to ashes, dust to dirt, we gonna miss dis bone, boy do it hurt."

*CitizenDog and Ikik cry*

SM_007: there there...

**even a bit later**

*C.Dog covers up the hole*

CitizenDog: whelp, that should do it.

*pad pad pad*

Ikik: All right!

Ikik: congradulations on another splendid bone burial, CitizenDog.

CitizenDog: same to you, Ikik, same to you.

Ikik: wheres SM_007?

CitizenDog: whoops!

*C.Dog starts digging up the hole again*

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