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An idea concerning elections which I am pitchin' to y'all

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-03-29 00:00:00

I think that for the elections, there should be two seperate votes which would be important. The first vote would be a sort of "elimination" vote. Since any number of competitors can campaign (and nothing is going to stop them from doing so, including Riptide staff members), there should be a point a week or so before the actual election where a vote is held and the top three runners are kept active while the others are forced to drop out. Once this occurs, the three top runners, who are the only ones left, keep running (with less confusion on what's going on, since no one can join in the race at the last minute), and then when the actual election is held, one of them obviously wins, and goes on to be Riptide President.

This is in pretty early stages, but I think it'd work. It can be two, or three, or four people left running after the "elimination" vote is cast (we'd need a better name for it, tee hee). I like this idea because it would keep the elections crazy and wild and unpredictable - up until the last week, or few days, or whatever, when it would have to get serious. This is also a good way for the forumers to get a better view of the people they'll have to be choosing to put their faith in, ya know?

Tell me whatcha think, peeps!

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