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While the Washington clan is buzzing the beltway talking on their cell phones and prying all the salacious details out of every intern's best friend, netizens are reading the Jerusalem Post, The Afghanistan News Service or The St. Petersburg Times. Goddess knows, that's the only way we will hear about anything in the world outside of Dupont Circle.
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Hey, a new friend! *poing* *bite*

Author: Anonymous (Ikik, master Poinger)
Date: 2000-03-29 00:00:00

General: I promise to make a committee...
*poing* *bite*
Protection: ...that will ensure the rights...
*poing* bite*
Ikik: How come they're not playing?
Fault: ...of all members of the forum.
*poing* *bite*
Ikik: Owww....they're not people that are fun, they're big DULL metal DRONES!

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