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The following is a paid political message.

Author: Anonymous (Coalition for ikik)
Date: 2000-03-29 00:00:00

Friends.. lets look at the current candidates, and see just who would be the best representitive of the community in Riptide's government.

Bandwidth - a known communist, briber, and all around bad guy. A vote for him will mean no more elections and that he'll take 50% of any profits made by you in taxes to fund his communist army and take over the world. Do you want a man like this enlisting your children into his communist army to have them die in some hellhole during a war so he can further his own adjenda?

Indeed, Bandwidth is the true enemy... he is pure evil, the cause of every problem ever to plague this place. Anything that ever goes wrong, if you trace it back to its source, you will find Bandwidth.

Bandwidth even realeased ikik, a ferrit twice convicted of stealing lunches. Can you trust a man like bandwidth?

vote ikik for president!

- paid for by the ikik for president presidential committee

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