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If you care to know... im in florida... journalish thing =)

Author: Hawkeye ()
Date: 2000-03-28 00:00:00

I posted this on the cwal stormcellar, but since i know some of my contacts read only this board! If youve been looking for me, read what i've been doing. This starts EARLY monday morning..

Day one:

The day started at around 4:00.. At 5:30, we left our cozy home in Ohio and started driving south to florida. Nothing big really happens, and i sleep most of the day away. When I am awake, i start out by doing my chemistry homework (hey, when i get home, i get ONE day of spring break, and god can end my life before i do homework on that day =) And then it was fine, and then i tried doing my honors. I can't figure it out for the life of me! and what irks me, is that when i get back to school, a day or so after i turn it in, She will then decide to explain it. I know she does this to try and make us learn it better, but i'd rather be told VAGUELY how first, at least (She gives the honors chem people there sheet with a due date, then dosen't talk about it untill then.) (Note: Honors chemistry is taken in my school by having normal chemistry class, and you just get more and harder work/test. I honestly don't know why i decided to do it! its so much harder hehe)

At other times in the day when i was awake, i read "The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy." And finished that off rather quickly. So i started reading the other book i picked out from the library, "Lord of the Flies" (I finished the book today... Very odd book)

We stopped for lunch in kentucky.. God how i hate the southern accent!! But i always have, I guess to my ears it sounds too foreign or something (never liked it for some reason, though my mom loves hearing the southern accent.) Anywho we ate at taco bell, and it was full of people talking like that, so that ruined the trip for me. Not only was i not going to see my comp and cat for a week, but now i had to be listening to the southern accent as well! arrg!)

We then made it to alabama (after lunch i fell asleep and stayed asleep untill about... where we slept for the night..)

We found a hotel that had a pool open soon, so we decided to go there.. Man that water was like a giant bath, was really neat, but supra-hot.. And some southern accent-ish people were playing Marco Polo.. that was odd. This girl about 17 was screaming like a man "POLO!!" ..was disturbing

We then decided to go to arby's for dinner. When we started up the van, it didn't sound very good (get ready eh?) but all fluids and temps were fine, so we just went and got our food and went back to the hotel.

Daty two:

We made it to my uncles house in florida finally... this is what happened though:

We drove for a long time, then we finally were in florida, then we got of the highway, the van was still sounding bad. Then we were ONE mile from my uncle's house, and at a stop sign.. Well guess what happened people! The battery went boom. Actually we found out a bit ago the alternator was the part that went boom.. but hey..

I spent today once at my uncle's house (he came and picked us up) Going to the beach. The water looks great, but there are some probs;

1) Im antisocial anyways in person, so sitting there and the water being cold so i can't escape into the water sure is fun eh?
2) The water was so dang cold man! =) It was wavey and would have been fun but there was a cold breeze..
3) Im with my family... Enough said? Down in florida would POSSIBLY be better if i was with some friends (i do have some) compared to family.

I decided to talk to my uncle and tomorrow we are going to a more private beach (theres 40 miles of beach, and you can go anywhere on it you want, but people like to stick to a small little piece!!)

A good thing is that at least i can go on the comp for like a 1/2 hour a day and get some comp in. Though i much rather be home right now..

Wish i could play my games though =)


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If you care to know... im in florida... journalish thing =) - Hawkeye - 2000-03-28 00:00:00