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Author: Anonymous (Ikik, ferret of OOH!)
Date: 2000-03-28 00:00:00

Ikik: Here Tridus, I found this and thought you might like it.
Tridus: Thanks, Ikik....hey, why is this money blue?
Ikik: Idunno. Ask that guy in the red suit and funny hat.
Tridus: O...K...Ikik, that's a...you took money from a Mountie?
Ikik: No, he had it out and everything.
Tridus: Then why does his wolf look like it wants to eat you?
Ikik: He just wants to play, see? *poing* *bite*
Wolf: Grrr....
* Ikik and the wolf get into one mighty playfight.*

Ikik: Instrument of Random Chaos...cuz the orderly chaos is just plain dull.

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