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friday night at the movies

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-03-28 00:00:00

so there we are..Azriel, ArrkAngel, DebtAngel (lots of angels in the group), and myself all sitting around my house figuring we'd rent a movie or two... SilverLight was apparently on his way.

So, the four of us get into Arrk's car, which needs to be broken in, and head up town to rent a couple of Azriels 'Giovanni Themed Movies'. We are heading up the street to the video store (after a few minutes), and suddenly Azriel shouts "hey romeo must die is playing, lets go see that!"

So we all say ok, since we hadn't made food arrangements yet, and Steer Inn (a burger joint) is on the way to the movie theater we go to.

We come back to my house to turn off the tv and disconnect me from the net, and to call SilverLight, who then changes his mind about coming with us.

So the four of us then pack back into the car and head out... for the second time that night, I win shotgun, thereby putting into doubt Azriels claim to be the king.

We stopped after about a half hour of driving to stop at a Volkswagon dealership to take a look at the car Azriel wants to buy... a volkswagon "Thing".

If you haven't seen one... this thing was an orange box on wheels. I'm serious, a box. It was also missing minor things like a windshield, but thats not a big deal. So after laughing for several minutes at this box on wheels, we head back to the car, and Azriel wins shotgun.

So we go to Steer in, and we chow down. We sit in the only non smoking seats in the building, as they are our traditional seats and we *always* sit there (we even sat there when the Armored car came in and we were planning to rob it, but thats another story entirely). Of course Azriel smokes, he always does. And since the rest of the building is a smoking building, nobody there cares except for the other three of us, but we don't really say anything since he can't smoke at the movie.

So we go back out to the car, and have a dispute about shot gun... after a game of paper rock scissors, Azriel wins, and reasserts himself as king. We then spend the rest of the trip to the movie theatre discussing the patterns we have in the game.

so we get to the threatre and buy our tickets for the next showing thats not sold out, like an hour and a half away. We use the time to play Air Hockey... I win my game against Azriel, and ArrkAngel beats me.. (nobody had their A game that night)

With nothing else to do, we go into th emovie thatre about 45 minutes early and just sit around.. Azriel remembers that some of the armrests with the extra large drink holders are removable, and decides he wants to steal a couple.

Azriel and Arrkangel go out to smoke (well so Azriel can smoke anyway), and DebtAngel and I are left sitting there, wondering if Azriel will come back in and walk by us four times again trying to find us (he did that once, with us laughing our heads off the whole time).

So the movie starts, and goes... its a decent movie, we went to be entertained, and it did that. Afterwards, we're walking out, and Azriel turns back because he forgot something... as we're walking out of the theatre, he pulls an armrest out from under his coat.

So most of the ride home was spent laughing about the armrest and what he was going to do with it, and that he didn't get greedy and only stole one.

I should let him fill in the details of just what he's done with it. :)

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