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*Tridus smiles*

Author: The Lord DebtAngel ()
Date: 2000-02-27 00:00:00


*Tridus smiles*

The lights go out again, and the crowd instinctively looks
towards the new big screen.


The various members of the nWd go from looking worried, to faking bravado, to looking worried. Except for Peakman, of course, who is still happily chewing on the mic.


A face appears on the screen. A rather perturbed one.

^$^: You dare try to ruin the open house for MY War Room?

Flutie: This ain't...

^$^: This is MY War Room. That's MY beer.

Flutie: That's a load of...

^$^: ...And if you think that you can foul the institution I
helped rebuild, you have another thing coming.

For I am the Lord DebtAngel
I am the Lord and Sacred Prince af all you owe
And the price for your Debtness...

British: Do you hear something under us?

^$^: Is your soul.

*** Fireworks go off all around the ring, expertly missing the
fans, but causing a great deal of smoke. A scream eminates from within the ring, and a beer mug is smashed into a million pieces.
And when the smoke clears...

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