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(POST BOX STOREE) The good book says we may be through with the past...

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-03-27 00:00:00

But the past is not through with us.

[Scene: Tridus' cottage, far, far away from everyone else.]

(Tridus is sitting at the table, his head lowered and resting on his crossed arms. He stares at Sashie, who is still resting and recharging her batteries. SM_007, who was simply thinking about the story which Tridus has told him, came around when he heard a knocking at the door.)

(Startled, SM_007 sprung to his feet, and slowly removed his PP7 pistol, expecting the worst. Then, seeing Tridus slowly come to his feet with a smile, remembered that Tridus had ordered a pizza, and immediately felt foolish. Tridus walked over to the door while SM_007 put his gun back in its holster, and slumped back down in his chair once again, to think. However, a second after he had sat back down, he saw Tridus fly across the room, and smash through the table where Sashie was laying. They both flew hard into the wall and floor, neither of them showing any signs of being conscious.)

(SM_007 gasped and stood up, and once again got ready to pull out his silenced pistol. As he did so, he saw a man calmly walk in and survey the room. He looked left to right, and then slowly looked at SM_007 with a smirk on his face. The man, who was dressed in a dark, black suit with black shades, didn't seem at all familier to SM_007.)

Agent: I have been waiting a long time for this moment, agent 007.

SM_007: Who are you?!

(The agent just smirked and looked back at the fallen Tridus.)

Agent: Your friend...will live. He will live because you will make the right choice.

SM_007: What the hell are you talking about?

Agent: Your mission is successful, agent 007. It is time for you to remember who you are. Would you like me to give you your memories back?

SM_007: Wha--

Agent: Do you want me to give you your memories back?

SM_007: Yes.

(The agent stares at SM_007 for a few seconds, and nothing happens. Then, SM_007 grabs his head, as if in severe pain. He nearly falls to the ground, but manages to regain his composure while stumbling a few steps in random directions around the room. His mouth is open wide as he squints his eyes. Finally, it all comes to a stop as SM_007's eyes open and he stands up straight once more, and looks around his familier surroundings.)

(SM_007 looks at Tridus and Sashie, and can remember his life, going back to when he first became a part of the community. He remembers going to Battle.net, where he met several people who formed SideWinder. He remembers SideWinder becoming the guard of Blizzard against the lamers that would attempt to strike them down. And he remembers SideWinder turning on Blizzard and becoming neutral in that war, finally opting to set up a base away from Battle.net, where they could watch over events in peace. And he can finally remember SideWinder's demise, and how some of the members formed Riptide. He remembers everything that he used to know, which unfortunately, isn't all of it, he realizes.)

SM_007: How come I can't remember anything before I went to the Battle.net community? That's my earliest memory, and that was only a couple of years ago.

Agent: There is much more to show you. You have never had those memories to begin with. Once you were done your training, we had you go to the Blizzard community, and even set up obstacles to test your skills.

SM_007: Obstacles?

(SM_007 feels unnaturally calm when talking to the man, as if he were an old friend.)

Agent: Yes. Our organization possesses technologies and skills which most humans will never fully master, or use properly. We have these technologies at our whim.

SM_007: What do you mean?

Agent: Cloning, agent 007. I am a clone. All agents are, except for two exceptions. You, and the leader of our organization. The leader of our organization is an imperfect human who is dying.

SM_007: Can't he be cloned, too?

Agent: Yes, but he would lose any existing memories. We have not been able to perfect this technology, and any clone has the mindset of a child. I, and my brothers, work well because we have a specific program set up to teach us what we need to know. Such a system could not be set up for our leader, who easily has a life too complex for those memories to be accuratly set up in a system for him to remember them all before he is the same age.

SM_007: Then how did you give my memories back? Well, some of them, anyway?

Agent: Those memories were still existent, only blocked off. I simply...allowed you to access them.

SM_007: So what obstacles were you speaking of, earlier?

Agent: For example, your clone, Edge. Orazath is another agent of our organization, hired meerly for you to eventually kill him, to see if you were permenately damaged after your memory loss.

SM_007: I can't believe all of this.

(SM_007 finally realizes where he is, and sits down. He thinks for a moment, before the agent speaks again.)

Agent: At first, you will not wish to help us. However, you will eventually remember who...you are. And when that time comes, you will make the right choice.

SM_007: How do you know all of this?

Agent: The same way you do. Or did. You have powers, which we call "evahl," that can allow you to operate at higher speeds. You can move faster than most humans can see. You can see the future, communicate telepathically, and you even have some telekenetic abilities as well. Of course, we restricted these when your memory was lost, so we could gradually reintroduce you to who you are.

(SM_007's eyes grow wide with excitement.)

SM_007: So this explains how I--

Agent: Yes. How you were able to perform a seeminly remarkable leap from a metal beam to another metal beam, holding onto a large chain, almost faster than the human eye could keep track.

SM_007: So, you allowed me to use my powers at that moment?

Agent: No. You will gradually learn to use them again, like all agents.

SM_007: I should be offended by all of this, but...

(SM_007 doesn't finish the thought. The agent goes over to where Sashie is, and picks her up, looking the laptop over. SM_007 looks up, and seeing this, jumps to his feet.)

SM_007: What are you doing?!

Agent: We need this...laptop. Many years ago, imperfect human agents, which was all we had, were sent to find research data on a method of controlling the nuclear arms of various countries. It was a new, improved form of hacking which could lead to the persons having the technology great power. Our organization wanted this data, and in the battle to take it, Tridus inserted the mind of his daughter into a laptop to save her, in a method which even we don't comprehend fully. We need this method to save our leader, so we could put his mind back into a younger, healthier clone.

SM_007: You wanted one thing, and your attack led you to a greater purpose?

Agent: We forsaw this, and although the data was not recovered as we had wished, the essential aspect of this mission was for Tridus to put the mind of his daughter, Sashie, into his laptop. We knew that years later, our leader would become sickly and, therefore, deathly. As we forsaw, Tridus did indeed use his laptop to save his daughter, and we have finally come to claim the laptop, along with you.

(SM_007 became suddenly enraged, which suprised the agent.)

SM_007: Tridus is my friend, you bastards! You don't care about his wife or child! You used him and his family to further your gain!

Agent: Try not to see us as...evil. It is for a greater good that this is happening, 007. You will see that someday. We...understand that Tridus is...what you could consider a friend. However, you will quickly begin to see a larger whole, and come to accept who you are...through time. And although we cannot expect your full cooperation at the moment, it is imperative that we take this...thing.

(SM_007 whips out his PP7 pistol, and then fires several shots at the agent, bullets which are dodged by the agent, whom doesn't even have to move from where he was standing at all. SM_007's hears his gun click, and before he can reload it, he finds himself being pummled by the agent, who is giving stiff shots into SM_007's gut. SM_007 finally regains his composure, and begins to block the punches with his own inhuman speed.)

(He manages to do this for a few moments, but then quickly is overcome by the speedier agent, whom kicks SM_007 across the room, and into a wall, which he indents before crashing to the ground, coughing as a trickle of blood dangles from his mouth. The agent walks over, straightening his tie, much in the fasion SM_007 used to.)

Agent: I must say that I am...disappointed. Even we did not forsee such a lack of...progress from you.

(SM_007 tries to respond, but can only quietly grunt, humiliatingly.)

Agent: One of us will return for you later, SM_007.

(The agent then begins to glow a bright green, a light which increases until only the agent's form is invisible. And like the other agents, this one glows white for a second before disappearing completely. SM_007 then crawls to his feet, and looks over at Tridus, who is beginning to stir. Holding his gut and limping, SM_007 swaggers his way out the door, and prepares to leave the area.)

(Outside of the cabin, SM_007 sees something familier. A silver jaguar, which he had been missing since he lost his memory, was parked, and in perfect condition. He smiled briefly, before frowning and gragging his feet over to the car, and getting in. Once in, he used a voice recognition command to activate it, and it sped off at very high speeds, just as Tridus was beginning to wake up in the cabin.)

The End - is the Beginning

Geez, where to begin? Tridus is missing his laptop, and was knocked out, so doesn't really know what just happened to him. SM_007 has regained his memory (well, as much as he had before he entered the Blizzard community three some years ago), and has also learned some of his past, thanks to an agent. SM_007 may have his memory back, but his outlook on just about everything...is beginning to change.

We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

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